Thursday, January 1, 2009

just in case you didn't learn enough about my life in 2008 from my last post. . .here's more

Happy New Year! I was telling Phil that I can't believe it's already been 9 years since everyone freaked out that the world was going to come to an end when all the computers were going to crash with Y2K. Who would've thought that nine years later I'd be leaving bits of my life on the internet for all of you to enjoy? You do enjoy it, right?

Since I can't quite get rid of the old year's worth of memories yet, I tried to pull out some pictures that perhaps haven't been posted on my blog this year to kind of give you, faithful readers, a quick year in review. All in black & white. Just for your enjoyment. And ours too.

January - Got rid of the flippy~do and embraced the straight. Saved a considerable amount of time fixing my hair every morning. Now you can also see that God gave me a ski slope for a nose. Or so my sister says.

February - Valentine's getaway to the Train House Inn Bed & Breakfast. Unfortunately, we had to eat breakfast some place else because the owner was away on a bowling tournament.

March - spent part of spring break at the coast relaxing. And freezing. And enjoying the sunshine. Yes, all that in just a few short days.
April - Went to the tulip festival in Woodburn. Saw tons of amazingly beautiful tulips. . .after we finally got there. So many people were trying to get there the same time we were. Traffic was horrible.

May - not much happened in May. I hardly have any pictures. I did go here on a field trip. Looks peaceful, huh? Not so much peace though trying to keep track of 20 kids.

June - a beautiful sunset at Cape Lookout to celebrate 4 years of marriage.

July - this picture speaks a thousand words. Words like Killer Koffee and leather skull caps. Smoked salmon and too much wind for kites. Red Robin hamburgers and spending way too much time in the car. Mom and Dad finally came out to see us.

August - stayed in this sweet little suite in Seattle for Phil's 42nd birthday. It was like our own private spa. Oh, and we froze our rears off at the Seahawks game.

September - me on picture day, my 2nd year teaching 2nd grade.

October - Got lost in the pumpkin patch and picked out our perfect pumpkins.

November - the picture you've all been waiting for. . . the arrival of the Trendy Wendy glasses. Yes, I'm a nerd. But I love my engagement & wedding rings.

December - us all getting kissy-faced on Christmas Eve. Reminds me of that little song, "I saw Wendy kissing Santa Claus. . ."

Family, friends, people I don't know (but I know you're on here because I put this neat-o little tracking device on to see who is reading my blog. Don't worry, it doesn't give me your names, but I know what town you're from. And holy moly - a lot of you live in North Carolina!). . .thanks for being a part of my blogging world. Stay tuned for more fun adventures. I'm totally addicted to blogging now, so don't worry, I'm not going anywhere. But if you'd leave me some commental love from time to time, or just introduce yourself, it would totally make my day. And I'd so love to hear from you :)

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