Friday, January 2, 2009

flashback friday #10

Since the New Year's Eve before we were married, we've been attending a little progressive dinner shin-dig with Phil's aunt & uncle and their neighbors. They've been doing it for quite a while, and had asked Phil to join them back in his bachelor days. I got included in on the deal when I came out to visit Phil in 2003. So, there are 3 or 4 couples and a single friend (varies from year to year) that usually participate and we go to one house for appetizers, another for salad, one for main course, and then one more for dessert. And fireworks. Except there weren't any fireworks this year.

Anyway, it's been our little tradition to get a picture taken at the Nissen's house in front of their fireplace. I thought since we just had it taken the other night that it would be fun to take a peek back in time and see how we've changed over the years. Brace yourselves, this could be scary.

OK, here we go. This first picture is from 2003. We were young and in love. (We're still in love now, we're just older.) My Christmas visit was coming to a close and I was soon to head back to Ohio to finish planning our wedding.

2004's picture is no where to be found. Also disappearing from that year are all our Christmas pictures. Isn't that so sad? Our first wedded Christmas, and I have no pictures. I think they were on a roll of film that was overexposed.

Next up is 2005. I apparently have the world's biggest zit right there under my nose that's still showing up despite the massive amounts of concealer I used.

Here we are in 2006. I had the flippy do thing going on. I like my hair flipped. It just takes so stinkin' long to get it to stay that way.

2007, last year, was the year we spent Christmas in Ohio, so there aren't any fireplace pictures to show you.

And just a few nights ago, we looked like this when we said farewell to 2008. I hope to say farewell to a few pounds this year. OK, more than a few. Eeeeek.
And thank goodness I have a haircut and highlight scheduled for Saturday.

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