Friday, December 19, 2008

flashback friday #9

1990 was a good year for my sister. Not only did she get both of the things she really, really wanted for Christmas, my mom also didn't have to pay full price. (Of course, my mom never pays full price for anything, so that comes as no real great surprise.)

Here's my sister opening up her class ring. I think the jewelry store lied to my sister and told her it wouldn't be in until sometime in January, and then Mom gets it early and wraps it up for Christmas. Check out that reaction! It's priceless. Or how about that SWAK Mickey sweatshirt? And notice the extra large box Mom wrapped it in for disguise. I have to say that I have inherited my mother's genetic trait for gift disguises because there happen to be some presents under the tree (and perhaps hidden in other locations) right now for my wonderful husband that do not need a box as big as they're in.

Jenny, please notice I did not ask my faithful readers to check out your big hair or your big glasses because that would be so wrong of me on so many levels.

Besides her class ring, the other thing my sister begged for that year was a leather jacket. I'm not exactly sure what planet she was living on at the time because that item would not be in the parental budget - especially if she was getting her class ring. Well, lo and behold, my mother finds one on a clearance rack that's marked damaged because the zipper is broken. And my mom just so happens to be great friends with our old Mennonite neighbor, Martha, who sews all her family's clothes. Mom bought a heavy duty zipper for less than five bucks and takes it to Martha who whips out her sewing maching (yes, Mennonites can use a sewing machine) and puts in the new zipper. And wa-la!!! My sister's dreams come true on Christmas morn.

These are seriously some of my all-time favorite pictures ever taken of my sister. Big hair, big glasses and all.

Love ya, JEN-NAY!!! (For the full effect, just say it like Forest Gump says it.)

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