Thursday, December 18, 2008

christmas questions

1. Fresh Tree/Fake Tree? Fresh! There's just something about having a real tree inside. Ours came complete with a lady bug this year.

2. Favorite Ornament- I have a couple. First, the snowmen "our first Christmas" one that Phil gave me the first Christmas we were together, six months before we got married. I also have a Pooh angel that my mom gave me. (Because I was named Wendy and my great grandmother's name was Winnie, and because Winnie the Pooh was popular back in the early 70's, one of my nicknames growing up was Winnie Pooh/Pooh.)

3. Favorite Christmas Song- This is a hard one because I love so many. Selah's O Holy Night and Rose of Bethlehem. There are a bunch I love on the Celtic Woman Christmas CD too. I love Jim Brickman's piano tunes. Anything with just guitar or anything with an orchestra. I'm all over it. The list could go on and on for hours, but I'll save you the pain.

4. Favorite Tradition- I love writing our Christmas letter, addressing the envelopes, creating address labels, and getting the photo cards out. I love seeing our mailbox fill with cards and getting family photos and news from friends. I love baking cookies & making buckeyes. I love to figure out what Phil & I are going to do for a special Christmas date - Michael W. Smith concert this year. I always enjoy adding to the Christmas CD collection each year. Something really special is choosing a name from a needy family our church helps out and to buy a gift for them.

5. Favorite Gift Ever Received- Two tickets to Ohio last Christmas from Mom & Dad. And something sentimental - my nephew Darick got me a little ceramic cat from his Secret Santa Shop at school. It's just kind of funny because I'm not a cat person, but it's what he picked out for me and mailed all the way to Oregon. It's sitting on the microwave :)

6. Favorite Christmas Meal- Well, on both sides of my family it was always a ham or turkey fixed by Grandma and then all the aunts would bring their specialties for a potluck.

7. Favorite Christmas Cookie- Peanut Butter Blossoms - the one with the Hershey's Kiss in the center. Or something similar one of my aunts always made, only it's baked in a mini muffin tin and you press a mini Peanut Butter Cup down in it. Last, but certainly not least, Buckeyes . . .an Ohio specialty. (Made with peanut butter and chocolate, of course. I'll post the recipe later.)

8. Favorite Place to be- With Phil. With family.

9. Favorite Memory- I've got lots of these too. The year Dad sang a solo as the angel Gabriel in the church musical. He was awesome! The year Dad was either on strike or laid off and we had no gifts. Until a friend's Mom's soriority brought us bags and bags full. The first Christmas I was with Phil. The first Christmas I was with Phil and we were married.

10. Favorite Christmas Movie- Charlie Brown Christmas. I've never really been much into Christmas movies. I like the music more, I suppose.

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Kellie said...

Love all of these, Wendy. :)

Our Christmas play was only the second graders... all 72 of them. Each child had a special part so I had to take a play for a few kids and make it into one that would support that many. lol We only do one play a year... THANK GOODNESS!!! I am in charge of it from start to finish, I guess you would say. I honestly enjoy it, but it would be a lot less stressful if I didn't have so much teachin' going on with it. ha!! :)