Monday, December 15, 2008

deck the halls of our apartment, fa la la la la, la la, la, la

So I went for simplicity on the mantle this year. I got a new snowy garland (the one I used on my table at church), added a strand of white lights and some glittery snowflakes, and pulled out the candle holders from our wedding. (The ones that were on the organ.) I didn't even hang the stockings this year because. . .well, in four years we haven't ever stuffed each other's stocking and also because they don't match. I want to get new ones. And new stocking holders too. Maybe on clearance after Christmas.

I put a Nativity set out on the hearth, one on the end table, and a small glass one on the entry table. We have more, but I didn't put them out because there was no room in the inn. I mean apartment.

Our tree has a lot of snowmen and lots of snowflakes. I was a collector for a long time (and I guess I still am because they are really cute) and my mom took it upon herself to give me lots of snowmen. I've also had lots of students give me ornaments over the years. Phil and I both had lots of ornaments from our single days, not really so many from our childhood years. We've still got half a box that aren't even hung, and that's ok. Maybe someday we'll have a bigger place and we can add a few more trees to the mix. But for now, here's our Noble Fir freshly picked from the school parking lot. The angel on top is a little blurry, but I can't figure out how to avoid the shaking camera syndrome.

Notice the Seattle Mariners ornament hung so close to this cute little skater snowman. We've blended our lives well, don't you think?

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Sandra said...

That is one beautiful mantle!!