Sunday, December 14, 2008

arctic blast 2008

So just a minute ago we were watching Fox 12 news at 10, and I hear, "We'll have more on Arctic Blast 2008 in just a few moments." OK, so apparently we're having an arctic blast. An Arctic Blast, seriously??? Here on this side of the river we had some flurries this morning during church, but there was barely a covering when we left. It's snowed a teeny bit off and on throughout the afternoon, but apparently it's way worse over in Portland. Funny what some big river can do. And there is a lot of wind whipping through the Gorge. They were calling for 2-4 inches. And folks, there are maybe 2 centimeters on the ground here and I do not have school tomorrow. This will be my first snowday in four years.

Now normally I would be ecstatic about this, but. . .this of all weeks is NOT the week to have snowdays. I haven't even started the top secret Christmas craft yet with my class, and we have no props made for the program Thursday night. (If there ends up being a Christmas program Thursday night.) This just may be the year the parents receive their crafty little creations a few weeks into January because according to my husband, there is snow in the forecast all week with a major storm arriving Sunday morning. OH WELL. I'm totally going to enjoy sleeping in tomorrow and finishing up our Christmas cards. And then I have to put some grades in on the old online grading program. And clean my house. And work on some other projects . . .

My friend, teacher #5, the one who took her kids on the Dam Field Trip (you all remember that post, right?) added some pictures today on Facebook which I just find amazingly beautiful. This is what snow is all about!!! Phil and I were just talking today and I said that real snow is when it's covering the trees and the power lines and makes everything look all white and pretty. Well, here is a prime example. She and her family have a 26 year tradition of snow shoeing into one of the forests near Wind River, Washington, to pick out a tree. (Out in these parts you can buy a permit and hike on in to pick the perfect tree.) Here's the one they chose this year. Now mind you, this is up in the Cascades and mountains get a lot more snow than the valley. But isn't it pretty?

And, of course, after you pick out the tree, cut it down, knock a bunch of snow off it, you also have to haul it out.

I want to have my next year's Christmas card picture taken right there. But I don't think I'd be all that good at snow shoeing.

Stay warm, faithful readers. Arctic Blast 2008 may be headed your way!!!

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Kellie said...

HA... well, down here in NC we'll be lucky to get a few flakes, it seems. I hope you enjoyed your "snow day"... sounds like NC. ha!!! Pretty pics... that WOULD be neat to do for the Christmas tree. :)