Monday, December 29, 2008

doing our part to help out the economic situation

My parents gave us some money for Christmas because I wanted a new comforter set for our bedroom. I'd been looking online at every bedding place known to mankind and found a few that I liked. My favorite one was at Bed, Bath & Beyond - but at a price tag of way more than our budget would allow, I knew I'd have to leave the Nautica set behind. (Nautica. . .seriously, what was I thinking?)

We ended up going to the mall today and checked out all the department stores. Ended up going for more green than blue (I couldn't find anything blue/brown), but still loving all the chocolate in this set from JC Penney's. Thanks, Mom & Dad! And we got a really good deal on it too. We had also received a couple gift cards from Fred Meyer and bought a new set of chocolate brown sheets. I've never had dark sheets on my bed before. It looks so strange, and it's like climbing into a Hershey bar, but I like it!

Next up: new pillows because ours are looking pretty pitiful, the matching fru-fru decorator pillows that go with the comforter set before they get clearanced out, and new, darker, keep-the-light-out-of-my-husband's-face-when-he-has-to-go-to-bed-at-7:30 curtains. Then I need to get the shelf up on the wall that we've had for a few months that's still in the box and jazz it up with some pretty frames and a big B. So many projects. So little time.

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