Monday, November 30, 2015

it's the most wonderful, super busy, crazy, can I take a nap yet time of the year

Holy cow, tomorrow's December 1st!

I've got 3 more weeks of class and then a break until January 11th. I'm reading about 80-100 pages a week for my Children with Exceptionalities class, and as I was telling someone the other day, "It's no Harlequin Romance, that's for sure." Which is funny because I don't think I've ever read a Harlequin Romance.

This coming Saturday is the Ladies' Christmas Luncheon at our church. I'm "hosting," I guess you would call it, or maybe it's just planning, organizing, coordinating, and mostly pinning lots of cool stuff for our Old Fashioned Christmas theme. I am trying to go vintage without breaking the bank. Or maybe it's more rustic, with holly and berries and stuff like that. . . plaids, candles, canning jars, paper doily garlands, popcorn and cranberries strung, and stuff made out of old sheet music. Someone gave me a couple of old piano books several years ago. There's like one Mozart sonata that I can somewhat play, the other stuff is way out of my league. So I watched a couple videos and now I'm whipping up some origami 5 pointed stars. The first one was a challenge, but they're much easier now. I'm trying to get a good collection to put on the trees we'll have in the room where the ladies will be meeting. I'm spritzing them with some glimmer mist and sprinkling a little glitter that looks like sugar crystals. Then I'm going to use that fuzzy stuff to hang them up with.
I'm also drying out some orange slices in my oven right now. They'll be turned into old fashioned ornaments as well. They've been in for almost 3 hours and it smells amazing in here.
Over my Thanksgiving break I managed to whip up some simple invites to my cookie exchange. Super simple because I just didn't have a whole lot of time, but I really wanted to make something for my people. Because if you make cute invites, they will come. And this year I'm totally breaking the rules of making cookies and I'm making buckeyes instead. I know. Oh so bad, but oh so good.
Happy December, people. May your days be merry and your blog comments long. No, may your days be merry and MY blog comments long.

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bmarquez said...

Ladies Christmas Luncheon - A HUGE hit! I can't wait for the Cookie Party. I bet you're holding your breath for my cookies. . . . the rules are always meant to be broken!