Thursday, June 25, 2015

my house is a mess and other woes from the graduate student

Currently you can see about 1/10 of my table. Maybe not even that much. I need an intervention. No, I'm not showing you a picture because it's completely embarrassing.

I bought a flat of impatiens at least 3 weeks ago. Do you think I've got them planted yet? Not a chance. I keep saying, "I need to get that flower bed weeded first." Ya. In my dreams. Phil and I just keep watering them in their black plastic packs.

Speaking of flowers, my roses are looking terrible. I tried this concoction I read about on pinterest where you put your old banana peels in the blender with water (I cut mine up in small pieces first and threw the hard ends away) and pour the nasty looking mixture over the roots. Supposedly roses like banana peels. We'll see if that helps. I'm about ready to go out there and just cut them down and let them start all over again. Which I should've done in the fall. Or something like that.

On the flip side, the hydrangeas are coming out. Love. They're actually really nice and dark purple and blue now.

The dog is getting walked, mostly faithfully, in the mornings when it's cool. Then he doesn't bug me all day long. It's good for the both of us. I made up his lack of one today though with a peanut butter bone. Peanut butter covers a multitude of sins.

Tomorrow Phil505 gets to have three teeth extracted. Two wisdom teeth and a molar in which the root canal and crown has gone bad. Ouch. I know that's going to be painful, but at least that pain will put an end to the pain he's been living with the last 3 or 4 weeks. Poor guy.

I just spent about the last five days studying the educational systems of England and France. I spent three days working on the comparative education project. I had to youtube how to zip files together in order to submit it all. (Graduate school has taught me that I'm basically computer illiterate.) I finally sent it off into cyberspace around 8:20. An hour later he had it graded and sent back. I'm happy to report that I got a 98.5% on that thing. One thing I learned: I always thought I had it so bad as a kid with chores I had to do and helping with the garden and whatnot. Well, let's just say I'm thanking my lucky stars I didn't live in England in the 1830's before the Bill to Regulate the Labour of Children in the Mills and Factories of the United Kingdom went into effect.

This class is coming to an end. I'm way behind on my reading and I have a pretty important paper to write by next Friday night, a final exam, some videos to watch, and a discussion board to do before I can say "so long, farewell" to Foundations of American Education. My favorite part about this class is the Faith, Freedom, and Public Schools module. Basically that's eight videos about how the Bible can be incorporated into instruction in public schools.

Up next in the world of online graduate education: two classes at the same time. Lord, help me. I'm taking Behavior Management and Teaching Social Studies in the Elementary School. I'm really looking forward to the practicality of both of these. What I'm not looking forward to is the complete lack of life I'll be having. But, by the end of August I'll be 5/12ths of the way done with my Master's. Go me. If I take one class each subterm between now and then two again at the last subterm next summer, I should be done.

I'm trying to put together some stuff for a gallery wall in our dining room. You know, gallery walls are all the rage right now. I just won't be doing arrows or mustaches on mine. Anyway, here's a sneak peek. . . I have some prints from Pike Street Market to go in the white frames. I think I want to paint the black B and maybe get a small mirror for the other side. I'm also ordering a family name sign from etsy to go at the top. I'll take other ideas, suggestions, things you'd add or change in the comments section below. Thanks ;)
Tune in next time when maybe the table will be cleared off and I'll have actually hung some stuff up on the walls.

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bmarquez said...

I'm impressed you have time to think about much less put together stuff for a gallery wall. 5/12's of the way to your Masters is quite an accomplishment! You go girls.