Thursday, June 11, 2015

i have no good title for this post

So, I don't get to watch much TV these days, what with being a graduate student and all, but Phil505 and I have discovered a new guilty pleasure recently. Well, maybe guilty pleasure isn't quite what it really is, but have you seen that show on A&E called Married at First Sight? Essentially these people are put together by "experts" and actually get married without having ever met each other. It's a six week experiment during which they'll try to fall in love and decide to stay married. Otherwise, it's divorce court at the end of the six weeks. It's pretty interesting to watch. Maybe we like it so much because we were only actually together {and I like to add - in each other's physical presence} for a total of 45 days before we got married. And even though it wasn't love and marriage at first sight, it wasn't a lot of sight. I don't know. Anyway, I think the show is on Tuesday night, but we DVR it because I'm usually doing homework at night and Phil505 is in bed. And for as much as I was opposed all these years to getting cable, I sure like that DVR feature.

Speaking of love and marriage, tomorrow is anniversary #11 for us. And we didn't even need experts to put us together. We can just thank - which I don't even know if it's in existence anymore or not. I took pictures of these pictures outside in a hurry, just so I could have something from our wedding for you to look at.

Another show that we, well, mostly Phil505 enjoys, is Mystery Diners on the Food Network. It's on a lot of times when I'm cooking dinner, so I tend to listen in (and crack up). I figured out long ago that this show is basically scripted because the acting is soooo bad there's no way it can be real. So the other day I did a google search, and pretty much I was right. In fact, there's a whole site devoted to its fakeness.

I picked some lavender from the three pitiful looking lavender plants my back yard yesterday. Smells so good.
The Mr. and I are heading on a road trip this weekend to Spokane, WA. I probably shouldn't broadcast that on my blog because someone might break into our house, but then, I have like two people who actually still read this and one lives in Maine and the other I see at church. Who would think it would take nearly 6 hours to drive from the Portland/Vancouver area to the other side of the stinkin' state, but it does. His niece got married in Montana three weekends ago and none of us could make it, so I guess it's a good thing they're having a second reception. First we were going, then we weren't, and now we are again. We haven't been to Spokane since his dad passed away. Spokane's not my favorite place, probably because I have a lot of sad memories of seeing his ill parents before we got married, then his mom passed away six months after we got married, and then his dad a few years ago. That, and it's always hot and dry. Or freezing cold and dry. And my lips always get chapped. Years ago there used to be an awesome scrapbook store there that made things more bearable, but in the economy crash of 2000 and whatever, it closed. But fear not my friends, for now Spokane has not one, but two Hobby Lobbies!!! Guess where Phil505 is taking me birthday shopping???

Speaking of birthdays, he's already mentioned that he's going to be late coming home tomorrow because he has to stop at my favorite cupcake shop of all time, St. Cupcake, and bring home some anniversary/birthday love. I can hardly wait.

Today I was subbing in kindergarten and a couple kids were playing restaurant, and I, being the only adult there paying them any bit of attention, was the customer. One kid comes over and says, "What would you like to drink?" And then another kid comes over and says, "Would you like any apple-tizers?" I thought that was hysterically funny.

My mom spent this week in retirement mode. For as long as I can remember (and even before I was a figment in her and dad's imagination) she has been keeping kids. She's been Grandma Sharon to more children than should possibly be legal. And now, she's at home all day in a quiet house with my dad, who's also retired and watches TV to pass the time. They should have NO PROBLEM now getting their butts on a plane and coming out to see me. Oh, and happy retirement, Mom. I love you!!!

I'm in week 5 of my class and let's just say that I hate Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates just as much now as I did back in 1994 in Dr. Stiles' Foundations of American Ed. class. Just give me something to learn that's APPLICABLE to my current situation. Thank you, very much.

Speaking of my current situation, I'm still, a whole year and a half later, telling teachers over lunch who want to know if I'm going to get a full-time job in the fall about "my story." You know, the one where the college I went to wasn't regionally accredited. And they are still just as mind blown today as they were in January of 2014. Mamas, don't let you babies grow up to get bachelor's degrees from colleges that aren't regionally accredited. I know there's a light at the end of this tunnel, I just haven't seen it yet.

One last thing. Always remember a tired dog is a happy dog.


bmarquez said...

Emily got me hooked on Married at First Sight. It was hard to believe. Tuesday was the final episode. I won't spoil it in case you haven't seen it yet.

Happy Anniversary to you and Phil. You're still looking good together.

Dawn said...

Happy Anniversary to you both from your fan in Maine! And I am sure you have lots of other readers, they just don't post comments. That was supposed to make you feel better, but now I realize that it may confirm your fears about leaving your house unattended. Oops!

Jena Smith said...

Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday. I LOVE reading your blog. I do check almost daily if you posted something. Your blog brings sunshine to my stressful chaotic life. Miss you.