Monday, December 1, 2014

the flirty old man at the library

Today after school I stopped at the library in search of Christmas music for Let it Snow and Winter Wonderland and whatnot for our Christmas luncheon on Saturday. I had no luck finding what I wanted and have no idea where I'm going to find it. Bummer.

But. . . and here's where the story gets fun. . .I was on my way to the front of the library and I see two old guys chatting. Just for storytelling effects, we'll call them Hank and Bob.

I hear Hank tell Bob that the room he wanted is full and he will have to wait a few minutes. Bob says, "OK, will do," and proceeds to walk away almost bumping into me. He says, "Oh, excuse me!" I say, "No problem." He takes a few steps forward and then turns around and heads back to me and says, "Now you know I said excuse me, not squeeze me." I said, "Oh ya, I totally heard excuse me."

Cracked me up, that flirty old guy.

Please don't squeeze the Charmin, or in this case, Bob. Please don't squeeze Bob.

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