Wednesday, November 12, 2014

after 10 years i still find it strange

We've had a couple of really windy days. Like 50+ mph winds whipping around, blowing branches off trees, and generally making our neighborhood look like a war zone. 505 and I filled the yard debris bin and two extra bags of stuff that was by the curb. I wanted to get as much of that cleaned up this afternoon because now we're gearing up for snowmageddon 2014 which is slated to hit the area around 1 am. Freezing rain and snow are on the way. Believe it or not, the district called a 2 hour delay for tomorrow at approximately 4:00 this afternoon. Made me laugh.

But here's the deal, the thing I completely don't understand. Most of the Portland area is very into the environment. Recycling. Granola. Plant a tree. Socks with sandals. Don't flush your old meds down the toilet. That sort of thing. And I just saw on the news how street crews are spraying an anti-icer. A chemical. They won't use salt, which is mined from the earth. No, they use a chemical. A chemical that will run into the rivers and kill the salmon they try so hard to save. That blows my mind every time.

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