Thursday, October 2, 2014

day 2

2 of 31. We're on a roll here, people. After I picked today's topic, I spent about a half an hour scrolling through pinterest looking at stuff from the 80's. Wow. Talk about going back in time.

Topic #2 - The things I miss about being a kid.

I miss waking up on Saturday mornings and watching cartoons. I heard on the radio as I was getting ready yesterday that the last regular broadcasting station on TV is ending cartoons on Saturday. First of all, I didn't even know there was only one major broadcasting station that showed cartoons. And second, what a tragedy for children everywhere. My favorites were Schoolhouse Rock, for sure, but no Saturday was complete without catching a glimpse of Menudo just before noon.

I miss metal lunchboxes with matching thermoses. There are only two lunchboxes that I actually remember. One was Holly Hobby and looked a lot like this one.

The other was Marie Osmond ice skating. 

I miss the cool toys. Ones like Fashion Plates and Spirograph and Lite Brite.

I miss the JCPenney and Sears Christmas catalogs at Grandma's that my cousins and I would pour over and sign our names to eleventy-billion different things. Funny thing is, I don't think any of us ever got a single thing out of it.

I miss looking forward to library day at school. (I've kind of been reliving my childhood with this library sub job the last few weeks.)

I miss Trapper Keepers and leg warmers and jelly shoes and Strawberry Shortcake.

I miss my feet turning black from my flip flops in the summer and beaded friendship pins on my tennis shoes and my Pink and Pretty Barbie.

I miss making Kool aid and watching Knight Rider, Mr. T. and the Dukes.

I miss roller skating in the basement to Michael Jackson music with Angie and Amy, our neighbors from down the road.

I miss worm burgers from McDonald's. (Probably only my father will get that one.)

I miss planning the big summer yard sale with my Grandma and baking cookies to sell for extra cash.

I miss sticker books and those barrettes with the woven ribbons.

I miss fried bologna sandwiches and Chiclets gum.
I miss summer trips to Cedar Point and Sea World.

I miss ABC After School Specials and playing with my cousins.

I miss my bedtime kisses from mom and dad and Lipsmackers in those little metal tins with the slide out lids.

I miss blue light specials at KMart and riding on the tractor and stopping at Joys' Dairyland for ice cream..

I miss this Bible story book we had. I think we got it from Aunt Barb. I miss listening to old records that had Bible stories and songs."God is in the bushes. God is in the barn. God is on my pony with me keeping me from harm."  I miss Bill and Gloria Gaither.

I miss Halloween costumes that came in a box with plastic masks. I was Barbie like 3 years in a row. Same mask, different rubber band. How scary is that?

The list could go on and on. So many things to miss.

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