Thursday, August 28, 2014

the end of august. . . really?

Summer is flying by. Almost over, in fact. This weekend we'll celebrate Phil505's birthday with a quick trip to the beach. We have an opportunity to camp with his aunt and uncle Saturday and Sunday nights, but I don't know if we're going to go that extreme. Driving there to sit on the beach and come back home sounds like a good option, especially since it's supposed to be about 20 degrees cooler with a chance of rain. There's nothing worse than camping in the rain.

After six samples of blue paint, I've finally decided on Valspar's Carolina Skies (a blue-gray color) for the kitchen and dining room. Hope to have that finished by the time I get called in for my first sub job. The trim is almost done, a nice white instead of the dirty off white that was there before. I'd like to add in some yellow with new curtains. . . some day. Eventually I'll repaint all the trim in the whole house, but that will take some time and a lot of green frog tape. Green frog tape is where it's at, people. Way better than the blue stuff.

Monday afternoon, we headed over to hike at Lacamas Lake and this happened. My right foot caught a very small root or stone and I fell hard. Ripped up my left knee, scratches all down my leg, and sprained my right ankle. I had blood dripping all down my leg and we're out there in the woods with nothing except Phil's sock - which he promptly removed so I could clean myself up as best as I could. (He's my hero!) My ankle was fine until we sat down in the Jeep and then it got all swollen and stiff. After lots of ice and excellent wrapping by Dr. Phil, things are on the mend. Not perfect because I went to the grocery store yesterday and by the time I got home, I was ready to sit down with some ice.

Wilson has been enjoying his jolly ball at the dog park. It's like a kettle bell workout for dogs. Seriously, he's tired after the first lap. He gets so many comments when he's lugging that thing around. We saw a bigger one at Costco that's for horses. Phil thought we should get it, but it was a little too big. He loves this thing. He'll hold on to it for a long time and his jaws start quivering. It's so funny.

Other than that, I'm gearing up for our new ladies' Bible study that's about to start, still working away on my two quilt squares, and updating the scrapbooks for the women's ministries. I think I mentioned before that I'm the new historian and I get to document the retreats and fall festival missions' conferences. Fall Festival is September 19-20th and I'm on the committee for that this year, so I've been working on a few things with that. My paperwork has all been turned in for subbing and school starts Sept. 3rd. I'm praying for lots of calls because, let's face it, going from a full time teaching salary back to sub pay is going to be tough. God has already answered prayers by allowing for Phil505 to get some overtime hours most Mondays in September. And while we're grateful for that, his job is stressful, and he needs some down time. So keep us in your prayers.

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