Wednesday, August 13, 2014

taking a look at life mid-august

hoping that my dental appointment goes well next week. I haven't been to the dentist in about 5 years. 
listening to channel 975 on the Dish. I think it's called "the Light." I enjoy it because there are actually songs from artists I like that I've never heard. Listening to the radio gets boring some times because they play the same songs over and over.
eating (finally) some tomatoes from our garden. The cucumbers are going strong and the zucchini keep growing.
drinking iced tea.
procrastinating on lots of things. What else is new? 
shredding about 900 pounds of credit card crap today. Applications for new cards, "easy cash" checks, and old statements and bills. I think I burned up the shredder. It will shred about 20 pages and then shuts off. Time to go industrial.
organizing the scrapbook room. I've been working on taking pictures out of old acidy albums and sorting them in photo boxes (for now). Throwing out stuff. Going through files in the office part of that room and weeding out and reorganizing. I've spent two whole days in there and I'm still not done.
enjoying a cooler evening walk with my dog.
hanging drapes in our living room. We have a huge 100 inch window and finding a curtain rod was a bit of a pain. I actually spray painted this one because I couldn't find a silvery one anywhere big enough. The curtains were a steal at Ross, only $19.99 for the pair, but they look a little slim, so I'm going to have to watch and see if I can find another pair. 
using the cordless drill all by myself and following the easy-peasy tips for hanging curtain rods found here. Life changing, I'm telling you.
pondering what my future in education is going to look like. Or if there will be one.
loving summer berries. I picked about 2 quarts of blueberries off our two little bushes this year. It was a good berry year in these parts.
deciding on our fall ladies' Bible study. I've picked this one. We'll have a Sunday morning group and a Wednesday night group (which I'll facilitate). It will be my first time leading a study. I'm excited, but a little bit nervous.
needing to finish the deck painting project. Here are a few pictures of the progress we've made so far. The before (it had been cleaned and power washed a few days before).
And the after. You can't really tell in this 2nd picture, but the deck boards are stained a tobacco color. Much darker brown with no red.
making embroidered quilt squares and scrapbook pages for our former pastor's wife.
thinking about presents for my niece Hannah and nephew Keegan who have birthdays in 10 days or so. 

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