Monday, July 7, 2014

vacation selfies

So the Mr. and I just got back from a wonderful vacation to Victoria, BC and the Seattle area for our 10th anniversary. Oh you guys, if you ever get a chance to see Victoria, go! The whole place is kind of magical.

Here's a collection I took at most of the places we went. I'll share more details about these places in later posts. But for now, you get an overview.

#1 - Craigdarroch Castle. The stained glass, the beautiful huge staircase, the pianos. It was very cool to take a step back in time and see how the rich and famous lived.

#2 - Fisgard Lighthouse. Probably the prettiest lighthouse I've ever seen. That red just popped out with the blue background of the sky.
#3 - Butchart Gardens. So many flowers in one place. I'm standing beside a huge climbing bunch of snap peas. You can't see much of it in the picture, but it was pretty amazing.
#4 - The Empress Hotel. So old. So Victorian. The ivy. The windows. The beautiful grounds. I loved it.
#5 - The Mounted Canadian Bear. Because you know you'd take your picture with this guy too if you could.
#6 - The Canadian Moose. Because he's not to be outdone. And he was way cuter!
#7 - The Coho Ferry on our way back to Port Angeles, WA. We had a beautiful view of the Olympics and Mt. Baker.
#8 - Pike Street Market. Where flowers and fish await. And some pretty cool artwork for the mancave.
#9 - The Waterfront, Seattle. Where it costs about $16 a person to ride the Great Wheel. No, we didn't.
#10 - The Bubble Gum Wall. It's right under Pike Street Market and it's gross. There is so much gum. No, I didn't.
#11 - Kerry Park. Where you will get a terrific view of the Seattle skyline.
Tune in next time for more of Phil & Wendy in Seattle and Victoria. I promise more than just selfies.

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