Thursday, July 10, 2014

vacation day 1: seattle

We recently celebrated our 10th anniversary by taking a trip to Seattle (to see the Mariners take on the Indians) and Victoria, BC. We left for our trip Friday afternoon and headed on our three hour drive up to Seattle. 

I always love it when you round the big curve and the Seattle skyline comes into view.
We decided to check in at our hotel before we went to the ballgame. Phil spotted the Ohio State sticker on the back of the truck in front of us. I knew there were Indians fans in there!
We had great seats on the first baseline. I was the only one wearing Chief Wahoo in our section, and the Indians lost that game, but since the Mariners won, there can be peace in the family. We did get rained on a little bit, but that's Seattle for ya. I instagramed this picture with the hashtag #marinersfireworks in the hopes of getting us on the big screen. Unfortunately, they must not have liked my Indians cap or the caption "to each his own." Oh well. I tried.
For the record, my new favorite Mariner is Endy Chavez. I'll let you all try to figure out why.
There were fireworks after the game which was cool because 11 years ago on my birthday we were at an Indians game in Cleveland and there were fireworks that night too. It's pretty neat when all the lights in the whole stadium go off and then the sky lights up with color.
We cancelled our first reservations at the Red Roof Inn and stayed downtown in the business district at the Executive Hotel Pacific, thanks to one of those Amazon deals. It's a pretty old building, but has been nicely remodeled. Our room was teeny tiny. I mean you-can-hardly-turn-around-in-the-bathroom teeny tiny. The bed was comfy though and we got there late, so we were ready to crash.
We were right across the street from the downtown library.
Our stay included breakfast vouchers for the little cafe' downstairs. The hot tea and egg sandwiches were included, the fruit salad was not. Whatever.

Then it was off to the ferry dock to catch the ferry to Bainbridge and then on to Port Angeles. From there we caught another ferry to Victoria. 
Up next: beautiful views of Victoria.

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