Sunday, February 9, 2014

snow & ice

On Thursday we were sent home from school two hours early. I made a stop at Craft Warehouse tto grab a few Valentine's supplies. Thursday night we went to Lowe's and got paint and painting supplies. I knew that Friday was going to be a snow day, so I wanted to be prepared. Phil stayed home Friday too. Portland/Vancouver has about 3 snow plows and no salt, so the roads get really bad quick. (Ok, I may be exaggerating. They have like 10 plows, but still no salt.)

Ya, I still have my Christmas flag out. I need one for Valentine's Day. I suppose I could at least get my wreath on the front door.

Ice skating on the pond, anyone?
Probably should've cleaned off my car.
I've spent the last two days painting the walls of the family room. We are touching up today and putting the outlet covers back on and stuff. I am in love. It's like a totally different room. Goodbye ugly 1970's fireplace, hello crisp modern and white 2014 fireplace. Now to find some stuff for the walls and new curtains for the sliding door to make it really manly. It is the man cave after all.

Phil went to work yesterday. He drove without the chains. I sent him out last night to pick up a pizza and a few groceries.

Last night we had freezing rain so church was cancelled for today. I ventured outside to snap a few pictures and to scrape the deck because my ding dong dog doesn't like the crunchy snow so he wants to pee on the deck. Gross.

The east side of our house is covered in ice. . . which is going to make the paint crack even more.

It's starting to melt, but I'm sure the side streets will take a while yet. We shall see what happens for school tomorrow. At this rate, we'll now be going until June 18th. Any snow days have to be made up.

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