Friday, July 12, 2013

friday five: the vacation edition

1. I have to get this blog written before Dawn gets the shakes from blog reading withdrawal. She has begged and pleaded for me to update since I've been absent on here for nearly an entire month. Bachster, I hope this is just what you needed to make it through the day. {And while I'm talking about my absence, let's see. . . we had our 9th anniversary, I turned 40, had 3 birthday celebrations, and visited the fam in Ohio. I've been back home for almost two weeks with my new and improved dog. More on him later.}

2. It's always fun to try to arrange visits with friends when I'm home. This trip I got to have lunch with my roommate from Word of Life, Cathy. She's a new mom to sweetie pie Evelyn (who next week will be a year old, so maybe not so new). So great to catch up with her.

We also managed to squeeze in dinner at Polaris with our friends the Hautalas. Todd is pastoring a church outside of Columbus and Cindy is working at her kids' elementary school as an aide. We all attended WOL and were at Tennessee Temple together and I was in their wedding. I have a ton of fun memories with them.

 Clearly, the genes have been passed down in this family. They have hilarious kids!
3. A random stop in Orrville, OH - the Smuckers store. Ohio has it's share of trinket shops too. You all know that Smuckers is from Ohio, right? I was surprised by how many other name brands are associated with Smuckers. Quite the jelly dynasty they've got going on.

4. Want to scare the bejebus out of me? Put me on the back of a boat in the middle of Lake Erie during a big ol' thunderstorm. Lightning + water = danger, Wil Robinson. We took the Jet Express out of Sandusky to South Bass Island. There are a bunch of islands out there. I went to Camp Patmos on Kelley's Island when I was a kid.
Phil505 saved the day by renting one of these bad boys. At the low, low price of $12 an hour, you too, can explore South Bass Island in luxurious comfort (if you can look past the millions and millions lake effect bugs. Nasty.)
Pretty much once we got there, it quit raining and we had fun. I'd never been to Put in Bay in all my 40 years of life, and I learned that it's frequented by those who have a strong liking to alcoholic beverages. I mean, my mom even got hit on by a drunk guy. OK, maybe not hit on, but talked to for long enough to make her feel uncomfortable. And by long enough, maybe 5 seconds.

For you history buffs, this is Perry's Monument. Something about the Battle of Lake Erie way back when. History was never my forte' - despite having had several classes by the one and only Lexie O. Wiggins.

5. Jenny, Hannah, and I had a fun day out together. And for the first time in my life I had my toenails painted green (no, not the lime green, that was Hannah). And then we stopped at Hobby Lobby because nothing says vacation like going shopping for scrapbook supplies!
Happy weekend, everyone!


Dawn said...

Phew!! I made it! Hahaha---thanks for updating Schwen. You've had quite a month. Thanks for sharing it with is on your blog. Glad you had such a great trip back to Ohio.

Dawn said...

***us*** not 'is'---guess the shakes haven't quite subsided :)

bmarquez said...

Everything is right with the world now that Wendy has updated her blog. I'm feeling much better.

Kellie said...

Glad you had a great time with your family!!! :)