Friday, June 14, 2013

i dropped my baby off at boot camp

Yesterday we loaded up in the car and went for a ride. Ya, we stopped at Starbucks. No, they didn't give him a biscuit. (But don't worry, I had a secret stash.) We didn't just go for a joy ride, oh no, we went with a destination in mind. . . Man's Best Friend. . . for a 20 day boot camp. My parents always took me to summer camp, I couldn't pass up the same opportunity for my boy. ha ha
Wilson, while being hysterically funny, cute as a button, and with ears as soft as velvet, doesn't have good manners. Actually, he doesn't have any matters at all if you want to get real serious about it. We heard about this place from our realtor who took her yellow lab there several months ago. She sang its praises. We investigated. We did some research. We waited until the time was right. The time is right. So, off he went. He'll have good company. The place was busy with all kinds of dogs. 
Here's to a more mellow yellow. Finally! See you on July 3rd, Willy!


Luci Smith said...

Hmmm....I wonder if they would help Mika with his bad manners. Actually he is not to bad....just drives me crazy when the entire neighbor kids are in my yard and he whines and barks and drools and whine on and on. He just want to go and play with them so bad. Other then that he is a good dog.
Let me know how it goes.....I may need to investigate too.
Oh and I told Emma about the tadpoles.....I may need to bring some towels....have a feeling she will be wet when she is done.

bmarquez said...

Good luck Wilson!! I can't wait to see your "new and improved" manners.

Kellie said...

Oh goodness!! That is too funny. I hope he has done well. It won't be long now before you see him again. Look forward to the update!