Thursday, June 13, 2013

for mom and dad: a walk down memory lane

Today I joined the 40 club. Rather painless so far. I had some time this afternoon to scan some pictures from various time periods of my life. Some, more dorky than others, some sporting Trendy Wendy glasses, some, well, just take a look.

June 13, 1973 - I was born. Pointed head, squinty eyes, and all.

 First birthday. Check out the avocado green oven in the background.
 Age 3 - and Cap't Crunch is still my favorite cereal.
 2nd grade - really bad haircut. I got my first pair of glasses toward the end of 2nd grade.
Summer of' '87 - camper at Word of Life for Teens Involved. Goin' tropical.
 1990 - jr. prom. I went with Kendra. I wore a handmade dress. My hair is totally lopsided.
 Class of 1991 - class of big hair.
TTU class of '95, but I walked in May of 1996. Remembered how ridiculous I looked in my high school graduation pictures with my cap tilted off the back of my head, so I wore this one almost the right way.
2002 - Hannah was born and she looked more like me than her mother. That has since changed, but it sure was funny to go to Walmart and hear old ladies tell me how much we looked alike.

 April 2003 - Phil505's first visit to Ohio. This is our first picture together. Magical. And patriotic.
August 2003 - my first trip to Oregon. Wind whipping through my hair, newly engaged.
June 12, 2004 - my wedding day. Bawling like a baby when my dad danced with me.
The very next week - honeymooning in Florida.
2006 - married two years and loving life.

2010 - visiting family in Ohio
2011 - homeowners!
2013 - and that's the end of this part of my story, but don't worry, the story continues. . .


april edens said...

Happy Birthday...a little belated from a blast from ypur past. You have the same birthday as my oldest. Chatterbox Chicks live forever! April Edens(Pescatello)

Kellie said...

Happy Birthday again for on here. :) I enjoyed walking through your life in the pics. You surely were a cute second grader.... I would have loved teaching you with that hair cut like that. :)