Tuesday, April 2, 2013

tuesday ten

1. Had a lovely Easter Sunday in Adna with Phil's brother's family. We left here around 7:30, stopped at Starbucks, drove an hour and a half with one unsuccessful potty break for the dog, and got there in time for breakfast. Steve is the pastor the Adna Evangelical Church. It was a beautiful day, in the 70's, with clear skies so all the mountains were finally out from behind the clouds.
Wilson had tons of fun. There were two other much smaller dogs that ran him all over the yard all afternoon. He also played with my nephew Alex. It was so sweet. Alex had a water bottle and he'd squirt a little bit in Wilson's bowl, Wilson would take a drink, then Alex would squirt in some more. This went on and on til the water was gone.
2. I tried out a pinterest-inspired Easter egg dyeing method this year. Here are two of my hombre Easter eggs. You start with the dye and vinegar and gradually add boiling water so the color gets lighter and the stripes appear. The yellow was a total flop, but the majority of them turned out ok.
3. Spring flowers make me happy. My tulips are just starting to get buds and the hydrangeas are greening up.     The hostas are on their way up and the other perennials I planted last year are coming back to life.

4. The Easter Bunny brought me two new frying pans. Hello, non-stick surface! How I've missed you. It makes me want to scramble some eggs just to see if it really works.

5. I met a substitute paraeducator the other day that just moved here from Chicago in January. Turns out he and his wife are graduates of Moody Bible Institute. He's going to seminary and she's working in Portland. Small world.

6. This week is spring break for schools in Washington. I've made my list of things to do while I'm off. Yesterday both the car and the Jeep got cleaned out. I think I may have swept up a whole dog with the shop vac. I'm sure this list will grow. I already see that I've fogotten to add scrapping to that list, but I'm working on a mini album for a wedding gift and the wedding is Friday, so I'd better get crackin'.
7. We also went to Lowe's and bought the paint for the master bathroom. I will have to blog about that later when I get everything done in there I want to do (like replacing the broken window shade with pretty curtains and staining the honey oak vanity and medicine cabinet with a dark espresso color), but we'll soon be saying goodbye to poo brown walls and hello to Valspar's pale pastures. I can't wait.
8. Phil has booked our camping sites for the summer. We'll be at Fort Stevens in Oregon for four nights, part of which will be with our church campout. We're also going some place new - to Sequim Bay State Park on the Olympic peninsula for a few nights later that same week. {I'm hoping to see some orcas while we're up there.}

9. I got a Christmas card the other day. No joke. It came just in time for Easter. Some friends didn't have our current address and the forwarding time for our old place has long expired. They just got it back and resent it. Made me laugh!

10. Wilson the wonder dog has to go on a little diet. We took him to the vet last week for his shots and Dr. Allysen said he's losing his boyish figure. He weighs 74 lbs. and she'd like him to be at 70. So far he's adjusting well to not getting lunch anymore and he already likes carrots, so he's seen a reduction in the number of biscuits he's getting too.


Luci Smith said...

WOW....is that your kitchen/dinning room. It looks right out of a magazine. Very pretty.
The girls and I colored Easter eggs this year for the first time. We used the Kool-aid method. Did you know that you can color your hair with Kool-aid....scary and interesting all at the same time.
Went to my in-laws for Easter. Sad to think that this very well could be my mother-in-laws last Easter with us. SIGH.
Yahoo for Spring Break. Getting a lot done in preparing for my roommate in May.

Kellie said...

Glad you enjoyed a spring break, too. Your Easter sounded wonderful. :) I love the color you chose for the room to paint! It is so bright and cheerful!