Thursday, March 14, 2013

overheard today

Kids are stinkin' funny.

8:30 am - Hey, Mrs. B., can you watch my worm cage while I go get my breakfast? Make sure nobody bothers it.

In case you were wondering, her worm cage was a Gladware lunch meat container.

8:43 am - Mrs. B.: "When are you going to pull that tooth out?"
          Kid #1 - "I don't know."
          Kid #2 - "You know if you pull it out the tooth fairy will come."
          Kid #3 - "Come on, the tooth fairy isn't real, everybody knows that. Duh."
          Kid #4 - "Ya, the tooth fairy is my uncle and he's pretty cheap."

10:45 am - Kindergarten girl with her hand on her hip to kindergarten boy: "I seriously suggest you think about your behavior right now."

And that was just a smidgeon of my day.


Luci Smith said...

One of the many reason I love working with what comes out of their mouths.

We were reading a book yesterday talking about personal space and having a bubble around you. A child got up from the circle and ran around the room. I got him settled down next to me and he looks at me and says "My bubble popped...I don't have a bubble anymore". Real hard not to laugh sometimes.....I love my job. SO GLAD you are in the classroom again teaching......LOVE THAT.

Kerry M. said...

So much fun. I hope these kind of funnies keep rolling. I love reading what makes you laugh!