Friday, January 25, 2013

friday five

1. Today my oven decided it would automatically switch from Fahrenheit to Celcius. I don't know how it happened. It worked fine last night. I tried to locate the manual online, to no success. Finally managed to chat online with Sunny over at Whirlpool. She was almost ready to give up on me because, I tell you what, I am getting old and going blind. I could hardly read the dumb model number. Of course it didn't help matters that the label that has the model number is behind the drawer right below the oven. Seriously? I had to lay on my stomach to try to read the dumb thing (which I couldn't) and then I finally had to resort to taking pictures of it with the hopes that the numbers would be enlarged. It worked and Sunny located the manual and I got things back to normal. Ya, I'm turning 40 this year. All the signs are there. Age spots, gray hair, and loss of vision. (For the record, if this should happen to you, try holding the broil button down for 5 seconds and it should switch back to F.)

2. Some of you may be wondering about the job situation. Well, I kind of quit posting about it. It was too much negative in my life and I figured the fewer people that knew, the fewer I'd have to face with bad news. Cause there for a while, that's all I was hearing. Well, a couple weeks ago I had an interview with Vancouver Public Schools for a classified sub position. It was a weird set-up, and lots of people were being interviewed in the same room at the same time. . .made it a little hard to think. Well, last week I got an email telling me to go get fingerprinted and if it comes back that I'm not a criminal, then HR will be calling. So I'm taking this as a step in the right direction. Not that I want to be a classified sub (paraeducator/classroom assistant) the rest of my life, but my friends keep telling me that it's a way to get my foot in the door. I'm off to be fingerprinted in about 20 minutes.

3. Tomorrow afternoon I'm getting my hair cut and colored. It's been almost a year since I've had highlights and I'm more than ready to sit in the chair and look like an alien with foil on my head. To make things even more fun, I'm having a coffee date with my friend Shawn before my appointment.

4. I spent a chunk of time in the scrapbook room/office this week. Still trying to figure out where everything is supposed to go. Lots of papers to shred. Purging some crap. Looks better, but still not perfect. I have a lot of stuff.

5. January overall has not been as depressing as November and December were. Thank goodness. I was starting to not like myself very much.

Bonus: I got to sub three days last week at Firm Foundation and one day this week. Happy about that.


Luci Smith said...

I started out as a sub and got hired on...though I am still classified and that is about as high as I am going to get. I can not imagine having a teaching degree and doing it.....but it IS a foot in the door. The school I am in going to be Title One school next year so that means all classified personnel need to take a test to continue to have a job. Only way out of it is if you have a 2 year or more college degree. associates degree is finally going to be put to use.
January is still looking pretty bleak for me.....but I did feel a spark the other day....It was a VERY small spark, but still a spark and I will take that. Praying for you.

Shawn Sloan said...

I am looking forward to coffee today with you.First I will drop my son off to head out on his first overnighter with boy scouts (and this involved an evening of packing which went surprisingly smooth...I didnt lose my temper at all). Getting my laughter on.

Kerry M. said...

Shots of the new "do", okay?