Tuesday, January 15, 2013

continuing on with project life

Despite the fact that there are lots of ladies out there in the world wide web who've got it all together and are already posting pictures of their 2013 albums, I'm pressing forward with getting this thing done. Baby steps. And I need to remember to take more pictures. January is half over. Yikes.

Here are my pages from June and part of July. I have lots of July pics since we were on vacation in Ohio and those pages are almost done.

June is the 'annivirthday' month. Our anniversary is on the 12th and my birthday is on the 13th. 

The note on the card from our pastor cracked me up so I had to include it - "Another year in paradise!"
My birthday page - it's all about mini cupcakes, Sheri's Berries, yoga mat flip flops, and making strawberry jam for the first time ever.
Those two days were pretty much all that I recorded for June.

Moving on to July. . . we hosted a 4th of July BBQ at our home and had a great time. Later we watched the whole city of Vancouver blow up thousands of dollars in fireworks from the comfort of our own back yard. Pretty much any direction you turned you could see something with lots of action coming from Camas.
I used shimmery blue paper for the title.
I asked Phil to tell me what came to mind when he thought about fireworks on the 4th in Vancouver and he said, "It's like a war zone." So I used that as my journaling card title. Love it.
The weekend after the 4th we had company, an old college friend I hadn't seen in 20 years and his family came and camped out in our back yard. So much fun catching up with him. Coffee date with a friend, roses from our yard, and of course, I also had to include Mary Lou. My hero.
I have lots of pictures in slots and I just need to finish up some titles and journaling. So expect to see more of this stuff soon. Can I just say, I love this album!!! 

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Kellie said...

Love looking at your creativity. :) I miss my scrapbooking... one day I'll get back to it...