Wednesday, October 3, 2012

wilson {in manual mode}

My sweet friend Kerry called me yesterday morning. I always love chatting with her. She's hysterically funny and knows a whole lot more about this thing called blogging than I do. {And I've been blogging a lot longer than she has.} Anyway, upon her good advice and "you-can-do-it-Schwenner" cheerful attitude, I went outside today and switched my camera from auto to manual mode.


Sidenote: if you aren't already aware, I have roughly about 3,297.5 nicknames. Schwenner is a derivative from Schwendy. Schwendy Klinedog to be exact. It goes all the way back to 1992. There's also Schwenny-wenny Klinedog, Schwenster, Schwendidly, just plain ol' Schwen {my personal favorite}, and the list goes on and on. Winny, Winnifred, Wendy-girl, Wendy Woman, Wendea. Perhaps you know another and would like to leave it in my comments.

Dear faithful readers, I know nothing about manual mode. Nothing. I don't know aperature from ISO. But I tried. And I moved the little thing from lightbulb to sunshine. And I messed around with that little dial. And I took pictures and deleted pictures. And Wilson just sat there chewing on a stick while I kept on shooting. Then tonight I went a little 'cra-cra' editing with picasa and here are the results. I may turn out to be a camera snob after all. {With a whole lot more practice, of course.} Honestly, I don't know if these are really any better or not, but I'm throwing them on here anyway.

Just for fun {and to keep you all coming back for more} I've given these here masterpieces a name. Because isn't that what all great photographers do when they set up their galleries?

#1 - Reflecting on my very good life
#2 - Go ahead and take my picture. I don't care if I do have a pine needle on my nose.
#3 - Look, Mom, I'm smoking a cigarette!
 #4 - Dad, we goin' for a walk today?
 #5 - Dad, I love you, man.
#6 - I will be good forever if you guys will just take me to the squirrels.

Whoever thought getting a dog would give me so much stuff to blog about? Now tell me. . . which one is your favorite???


Luci Smith said...

I like the last one the best. I love his puppy dog eyes.
This is not really a nick name but around our house you are Mrs. Bergland. Forever you will be that to us.

Kerry Messer said...

I wrote a nice long comment for you two days ago. Did you ever get it? Where in the wide web did it go?

I love the first pic the best, but they're all great! Way to go!

By the way, you're too sweet. I miss you.

Kellie said...

These are adorable. :) I love manual mode... it isn't as scary as you might think. Loved all the pics!