Friday, October 12, 2012


change #1 - the leaves are slowly changing their colors. when we drive over to the dog park, we pass this row of pretty trees. last night i took the camera and made phil stop so i could get out and capture them. the dog went crazy {severe case of separation anxiety} and the dudes on the skateboards {lookin' like a fool with your pants on the ground} probably thought i was a complete weirdo, but they're my favorite trees so far and i wanted pictures of them.
change #2 - it's raining. it hasn't rained in nearly three months. like almost 80 days without water falling from the sky. everything is dry and parched and the grass, unless you've spent an ungodly amount of money watering it, is brown. there's hardly any snow left on the mountain. the evergreen state isn't so green these days. there have been a lot of forest fires and wild fires. so the rain will be good. in some ways it's refreshing, in other ways it's depressing. we're supposed to start with five days of it. before too long, it will be raining every single day. goodbye, sun. i will surely miss you.
change #3 - my uncle gary went to heaven on wednesday. he died from complications that came as a result of quadruple heart bypass and a leg amputation. some of you remember my posts about my aunt nancy who passed away from cancer in december. he was her husband. my two cousins mike and michelle have lost a grandmother and both parents in less than a year. my heart is breaking for them. i haven't been able to be at my grandma's house for christmas in a long time, but one thing i loved most of all was when uncle gary would read aloud the christmas story from luke 2. he was a sports broadcaster for 43 years and his voice was like magic. no one could read the story of Jesus' birth quite like him. i will miss him.

change #4 - there really hasn't been any change. i keep applying for work, but still don't have a job. it's getting tougher. the teaching jobs are no longer being posted, the para jobs have been filled, and i'm not qualified for so many other positions. it's scary. it's frustrating. it's emotionally draining. i'm more than ready for a change in this department.

so what about you. . . have there been any changes on your horizon lately? please feel free to share.


Luci Smith said...

No change for me. SIGH....still word on Paul. I call and leave a message everyday for him to call. WHY? Don't know. I usually love the changes around me in the Seasons. Fall and Spring are my favorites because it is so obvious.....but I am not able to enjoy it yet.....just means another season has gone by with out him. Sorry about your uncle. I will keep your family in my prayers. Very sorry about your job. I got two no's this week. Very hard to hear.....I truly am sorry.
I love you Mrs. Bergland.

Kerry M. said...

So sorry to hear about your Uncle Gary.

Kellie said...

Kimberly told me about your uncle. So sorry about that. Have prayed for your family. Change for me.... I feel like I am never home and can't write on my blog. lol