Wednesday, September 26, 2012

project life update: making progress

I'm back with a look at my project life album. Happy to say that I'm almost finished through April. That still sounds way-too-far-behind to me since the end of September is right around the corner, but when I look at last year's album AND SEE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING (not even a single picture printed let alone an album bought), then I'm feeling pretty good about what I've been able to get done. I have pictures printed through August and I have most of them through July in protectors, just need to finish the journaling and all the pretty stuff.

I'm doing this as a monthly approach. Some months I have lots of pictures and stuff. Some months I don't. Some months I have 18,297 pictures of my dog. Some months I don't. I'm also not getting all worked up about where each new month begins. If it starts on the left, that's fine. If it's the right side, that's fine too. I don't have any of the Becky Higgins kits, I'm just using up my overwhelmingly large stash of stuff. Isn't that what it's all about anyway, making it work for you?

You saw this first picture in my last project life post, but I thought I'd show it again since this time I have the back finished. It was Wilson's first trip to the beach back in March.
I included some hand-written texts that went back and forth between my dad and I that made me laugh. We don't have smart phones so I can't do a screen shot. Or instagrams. Or lots of other cool things. Maybe some day. Anyway, you are forever documented, Dad.
Next up is our weekend getaway to Sunriver. We scored a Sharing Spree half-off deal and stayed in a nice condo. I was so happy to see the sun. Lots of rainy days here in the 'Couv make me go a little bit crazy. I enjoyed my light therapy that weekend!

I think I've said this before, but I love those little mini letter stickers. You can never have too many of those. {So if you're wondering what to get me for Christmas. . .} Used a bullet list to jot down some memories. And as I sit here blogging, other stuff is coming to my mind that I didn't get on the list - like how we kept seeing Wilson's name on signs all over the place. (I was going through puppy withdrawal.) Oh well. Life goes on.
We technically went to Sunriver in mid-April, but I'm putting it in my album before the actual month's title. Don't ask me why, I guess it just has better flow with the rest of the stuff this way.
The title card made more sense in my mind than when I actually got it put together. I did recut the April because the first one was way too big and you could hardly see the butterflies. It's not my favorite thing ever, but I'm going with it. 
My friend (and amazing card maker) Rachel invited me to go to a Blazer's game with her. It poured down rain that night and I was drenched when I got there, but we had such a good time. She had season tickets, a gift from her boss, and she took someone different to every game and documented the whole thing on Facebook. How fun is that? She also scrapbooks, so of course she had to be in mine.
And so it continues. Documenting life.
I'm linking up for the first time with The Mom Creative today for Project Life Tuesday. If you're visiting, thanks for stopping by.


Cerise said...

I'm not even on March you are WAY ahead of me. Your pages are really great. I used to type up fun texts between me and my friends/family all the time. I should start up again.
I really like your April title. It's so pretty! Also love the 4 shot photo of your pup. Shows some great details.

eek said...

Fun pages! I am impressed that you are just using up your stash - I keep trying not to buy more scrapping supplies yet I still end up with more :)