Monday, August 20, 2012

the day i called my sister for moral support

My day started out like any other normal day. The dog barks, we get up. He eats. We go back to bed. He barks again later. We get up for good. After that I read my blogs, check email, do the facebook thing and go in the kitchen for my breakfast. I noticed his water bowl was just about empty, so I picked it up and carried it to the sink to fill it.

Then, it happens.

I look down at the sink and see eyes looking up at me. Eyes!!! Sitting on the little black flap on the disposal side was a frog. A frog! In. My. Sink.

We have lots of tree frogs because of the water feature out front. This past spring there was a lot of  frog baby makin' goin on. They were loud. I thought back then, this can't be good. I've seen frogs in the yard and frogs in the garden, but they've never showed up in my sink. Until today.

So I did what any girl who can't stand slimy things (and how I ever passed General Biology is beyond me) would do in this situation. . . I called my sister. She works third shift and she was quite out of it when she answered the phone. I said, "I'm calling you for moral support because there's a frog in my sink!" Well that woke her right up and we immediately start laughing our heads off. She says "take a picture, I want to put this on facebook," and "frogs in your sink, only in Washington," stupid stuff like that. I'm all like, "oh heck no, you're not putting this on facebook."

I thought that maybe if I ran the water for a while it would get sucked down the drain. I did not turn on the disposal, I didn't want frog guts stinking up my kitchen. I ran the water for a couple minutes and went back over and looked. You guessed it, frog eyes are still looking at me. Well there was no way on God's green earth I was going to stick my hand in there and try to grab that sucker, so I used the resources that were in my immediate grasp. . . the BBQ tongs. I'm screaming like a girl (well, I am a girl, so I guess that's ok), my dog is cocking his head to one side wondering what in the heck is wrong with me, and my sister is running out of oxygen over there in Ohio because she's laughing so hard. I had a hold of it for a bit, but it escaped the tongs and started hopping all over my counter. Then somehow I manage to get it underneath a Rubbermaid bowl where it stayed until Phil505 came home and saved the day.

And then I did what any good blogger would do. I took pictures.

I am not making this up, people. Here's the proof.

And now I never want to wash dishes again because you never know what lies beneath.


Luci Smith said...

Hmmm....wonder if it one of the ones my girls named. Emma would have begged me to keep it as a pet. I can handle frogs better then a spider or a mouse. You make me laugh.

Braintree said...

Have you had bagged salad greens to eat lately? It may have come from the bag! Once one hopped right out when I opened the bag...and it looked just like that one.

HILARIOUS! I love that you took pictures of the mortifying event! =D

Cindy Bergland said...

that is hilarious!

Cindy Bergland said...


Kellie said...

FINALLY reading this!!! Wesley would have been over there in a snap to help you! This is too funny!!!