Saturday, August 18, 2012

five. for. friday.

1. Went to Costco today for a couple items and to pick up a few pictures I forgot to get printed. As it turns out, it was a great day to go because the sample ladies were in their prime! I got to taste a turkey and avocado sandwich on freshly baked ciabatta rolls (they almost sold me on the bread, but I stuck to my list), warm spinach artichoke dip with tortillas, red velvet cupcakes and a lemon tart. Phil and I always joke around that we should go to Costco for hors d'oeurves. Well, today I got lunch.

2. Speaking of samples, here's something you probably don't know about me: one time I was a grocery store sample girl. My aunt used to have a business that placed the sample people in stores. Once she called me in desperation because she needed someone to whip up some chicken with the Daddy Hinkle's Marinade at the Hawkins Market in Ashland, Ohio. To say that took me way out of my comfort zone is a complete understatement, but off I went with my trusty electric skillet. "Come on over and get your Daddy Hinkle's marinated chicken! Low in sodium, high in flavor. It's on sale today!" Ya, never. again.

3. I had two interviews this week. One was at Kindercare (probably for the school-aged program) and the other was at a Christian preschool for a pre-k position. Not at all what I want (and let's be quite honest, rather disheartening), but interviews none-the-less.

4. Wilson and I have been going for early morning walks because it's been h.o.t. We have a new walking route now. Our neighborhood is interesting. A block one way and you're in 'Plainville.' All rental houses with exactly the same cookie cutter design and identical landscaping. A few blocks in another direction and you're in 'Ritzville.' Beautiful designer homes with amazing landscaping and soothing water features. Plainville was where the dog jumped over the fence at us. We don't walk there anymore. It's Ritzville all the way, baby!

5. Happy Hour at Sonic is the best thing ever. Half priced drinks and slushes from 2-5 = absolute summertime happiness.

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Luci Smith said...

I love this list. Okay, the girls and I go to Costco just for the samples sometimes. Then on the way out we get a smoothie, but sometimes we hit up Sonic at happy hour and get a slushie instead. LOVE IT.
SIGH, I was hoping you had an interview at another school. Still praying on that.