Sunday, August 12, 2012

let's see some of the cutest kids in ohio, shall we?

I take my role of Aunt Dee very seriously. And that means that I had my big huge honkin' camera in the faces of these cute kids a lot during my recent visit. Because somebody has to be the family historian and document the cuteness, right?

My sister's baby, Keegan. Not so much a baby anymore. He's almost five and loves, loves, loves to catch butterflies and slam on the brakes of the bike in the gravel part of my parents' driveway - which was off-limits, by the way. He thinks that to come see me he's going to have to ride on a rocket. He will totally talk your ear off if you let him.

Lavender, my brother's youngest. She's three and a half and has an attitude that I can only describe as sweet and sour. One minute she's all about being sugar and spice and everything nice. . .
and the next minute, well, look out. She loves the camera and every time she saw me with it she'd say, "Take my pishure! Take my pishure!" Then, "Let me see! Let me see! Awwww. . ." So funny. 
Darick, my brother's oldest, is now fourteen. Where did my pillow flopping little ring bearer go? He's about to enter the 8th grade and made it into the show choir. He loves to read and knock his army guys over with water balloons. I'm so glad I got to spend some time with him.
Carson is my sister's middle boy. He's six and ready to hit the first grade. He was all about the DS and taking my picture and morphing it with someone else's. He loves trains and taking things apart. (There's a picture of his face down below.)
Hannah is my sister's daugter, but people always say she looks like me. Now with her glasses and a much older looking face, I can totally see my sister. She's nine and will be going into the fourth grade. She was my flower girl who, at not quite two, fell asleep and had to be carried down the aisle. She is all about hand sanitizers, those little ones from Bath & Body Works. She loves horses but not her braces, which, by the way, are totally transforming her face and mouth.
Next up is Lillian. She's my brother's girlfriend's daughter. She's going into first grade and loves Barbies. She has cut her sister's hair more times than we can count.
Tabitha is also one of my brother's girlfriend's kids. (There's also an older brother Joseph, but he was in New Mexico with his grandpa.) She is going into kindergarten this fall and loves on me like she's known me all her life. 
It was a lot of fun spoiling these guys and lovin' on them for a week. Anybody got a private jet and/or rocket we can use to bring them out here for a visit?

Payge, my oldest niece, is missing in these pictures. She wasn't around when the camera came out.

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Natalie said...

I just love love the butterfly pic! I was there! All of the nieces/nephews are just gorgeous. I just love watching them grow up. And it was only 10 years ago that you ran from hospital to hospital when Hannah & Baeleigh were born a day apart! Love you and I love your new camera!!