Saturday, August 11, 2012

cell phone snapshots

I haven't been a very good blogger. Sometimes time off is a good thing. Sometimes it's just necessary to collect one's thoughts because sometimes I think I write the same boring things over and over again. But I thought tonight I'd take you on a picture tour down recent cell phone memory card lane. They're not the greatest pictures in the world, but you'll let it go, right?

08.02.12 ~ Sometimes I like to lay on the floor with a big ol' pillow and watch TV. (Although I'm rethinking that after the HUGE GIGANTIC spider I killed in the family room last night!) My dog thinks that when I hit the floor it's his prime opportunity to lay in the recliner. Well, this particular night I propped the pillow on the bottom of the recliner and he flopped his head over the edge and laid it right on top of mine. I had my phone in my pocket and I just couldn't resist.

When I got up, this is how he stayed. I kept waiting for gravity to take over, but he managed to stay in the chair til I had to force him out to go pee.

08.06.12 ~ Phil had Monday off and we went down the road a couple miles to check out Round Lake. It's right next to Lacamas Lake and there are lots of trails for hiking. We've been hiking at Lacamas Lake several times, but this was our first time to hike Round Lake. As it turns out, it's a bit more difficult of a hike. Lots of uphill climbs and a small waterfall (ahhhh. . . ) a little off the main trail. On this one you actually hike all the way around Round Lake. Lacamas is out and back on one side.

08.11.12 ~ After quite a lull in the scraproom, I have been attempting to get caught up with the 2012 album. Because I'm only like 7.5 months behind. Well, Costco had a photo printing coupon, so I sat one afternoon, did a little editing and made some collages, then sent that bad boy order on over. Nothing says "let's scrap" like a big pile of freshly printed pictures that you got for cheap.

I'm doing this album "project life" style (ala Becky Higgins). I started out with some divided page protectors (WRMK) that I got with a coupon at Craft Warehouse and they were ok. Then in June I used some of my birthday money and got a nice big brown faux leather 3-ring album and finally got my hand on some of Becky's plastics. I've been waiting for those for a long time. (I got the Big Box of Photo Pocket Pages - Big Variety Pack 1, Design G pack, and a 6X12 pack, all available only on Amazon.) January (the month of the dog complete with dog-themed papers) is almost done, and has been for a while, and because I can never quite finish one thing before starting another, I've been working on February. I don't have many pictures and I hardly blogged anything for the month-o-love, so I've had to dig deep into the creative recesses of my mind, figure out something else to do, and give the cricut a little workout. So February gets a front & back of this smaller size protector (design G). I can already tell that I like the different pocket sizes in Becky's products. The one below has 4X6 and 3X4 slots. She also sells core kits in several designs, but I'm just using my stash. Lord knows I need another pack of patterned paper like I need a hole in my head.

The whole premise of project life is to be able to slip in your pictures, do a little journaling, and call it good. I'm having a hard time doing that. Surprise. Surprise. Maybe it will be easier when I get to March and have lots more pictures. Maybe just doing a big ol' layout is so programmed into my brain that I can't. I don't know, but I'll share more of it later. If you're dying to see more project life stuff, check out my board on pinterest. I've been pinning ideas like a madwoman. Probably should've been spending that time actually working on my pages, but I digress.

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Luci Smith said...

I was going to leave a comment saying that you were back for sometime now and I need to see pictures and hear from you. :) You are far from boring.
I love the pictures of Round Lake. That is a great hike. I have taken the girls their a couple of times. Once we had to carry Jena a bit. So beautiful out there.
I so wish I could be crafty. I have not even started Jena's first year yet. She is going to be 8 on Friday. SIGH. Hard to do it even more now.
I love your dog.