Monday, July 2, 2012

because she always was my hero

Last night I watched the women's gymnastic trials. Gymnastics has always been one of my favorite Olympic events. The look on those girls' faces as they were announced to the US team was precious. Made me think back to my childhood. And Mary Lou.

Well, I was walking through Walmart minding my own business this morning, when, out of no where, I spy this display.

Can you believe it? They brought Mary Lou back to the Wheaties box!!! I think I blogged about this before, but I ate my way through three boxes of Wheaties back in 1984 so I could cut off the UPC symbols and mail them in for my free Mary Lou poster. I begged and pleaded my mother (who, yes indeed, really made me eat all three boxes of that nastiness) to give me a few bucks so I could buy the Mary Lou Retton biography from the Scholastic Book Fair. I pretended to be Mary Lou in my grandma's front yard when my cousins and I would be doing cartwheels and handsprings. I. Loved. Mary Lou.

I had to take a picture just to commemorate the memories this cereal tower brought back to my mind. Because there was no way on God's green earth that I was actually going to buy a box for breakfast. Turkey bacon is the new breakfast of champions, we all know that.


Kellie said...

LOL!! That is hilarious that they have brought that back! I was such a fan of hers, too, but I will admit... apparently not as much as YOU. My breakfast of champions of Fiber One cereal. hahaha!!

Dawn said...

I was a huge fan of Mary Lou and the 1984 Olympics! Thanks for reminding me of the memory of that 2 weeks of summer and being glued to the TV :)

Braintree said...

Girl, just a picture of the box???

A hardcore Mary Lou fan would have done a cartwheel right there in the aisle.