Saturday, March 17, 2012

my dog. thoughts and observations. and pictures.

I had requests for puppy pictures so tonight I will happily oblige.

OK, maybe it was A request for puppy pictures. the rest of you will just have to sit back and enjoy the show.

1. wilson is totally food driven. say the word cookie or treat and he is right there at your side. he's done the whole "flip the dog biscuit off the nose right into the mouth" trick three or four times, but usually he just tilts his head forward and waits til it drops to the floor. lazy dog.

2. he's not irish. and these eyes are not smilin. but he sure looked cute wearing the shamrock headband that i wore to work yesterday. (i totally rocked the wear green day. thank you, dollar tree.)

3. sometimes he gets this look. we call it "the devil dog." his eyes get all weird and his ears point back. and he gets mean and will try bite your pants and ankles off. (he's usually pretty successful with the bite your ankles off part.) and maybe that's the number one reason why we're checking into puppy school.

4. he does not like to be left alone if he can follow you somewhere. especially if you're going to the kitchen because he knows where the treats are.

5. he's learning the fine art of fetch. to him that's - run down there and jump over top of the thing, maybe pick it up and bring it back, but hold on tight and don't let go. he also likes to squeeze the daylights out of his squeaky frisbee. at 5 am. so far, no complaints from the neighbors.

6. as my mom said recently, "he's getting so long!" ya, his body is long, but did you notice those eyebrows? (i love this picture.)

7. he will eat an.y.thing. dryer lint, bread bag clips, freshly pulled right-out-of-the-pot tulip bulbs, paper, rugs, tags on everything you can imagine, door stops, dish towels, skeins of yarn, packing peanuts, but his favorite non-real-food treats are pine cones. the vet said it's good fiber. he looks like a big dog in this picture.

8. but in this picture, taken on the same day, he still looks like my little baby pupy. he's at this weird "my head and feet don't fit the rest of my body" stage. a disproportioned bundle of never ending energy and slobbery kisses.


bmarquez said...

I love your dog blogs! Wilson is a neverending source of cute stories. Keep them coming.

Luci Smith said...

There can never be too many puppy picture for me. After all they only stay small for such a short me.
Is it ever going to dry up and get warm here in the Great NW....sigh. I want Mika and Wilson to go on a puppy date walk.

Braintree said...

Schwen, I just love to read your posts. Your writing style makes me feel like we're back on Bennett, with you about to commandeer my toothbrush!

I have the coolest pair of Lab bookends made of brass I would love to send you (if you didn't live on the other side of the continent and they didn't weigh as much as a bucket of rocks). Maybe a picture will suffice? =)

Kellie said...

That is awesome. He is such a cutie pie!! I am so behind on my blogs. Give that little/big Wilson a hug from me!