Thursday, February 16, 2012

today i. . .

Today I woke up and got out of bed at 4. AM.

Today I tried to keep my shoe strings out of the dog's mouth. He's fascinated by them. Phil 505 also brought him to school yesterday. The kids loved him! He also helped me create the most fabulous Valentines ever. Judge for yourself. (Sorry for the bad camera phone pics.)

In my opinion, you can never go wrong with googly eyes.

Today I had the usual turkey bacon on a sandwich thin for breakfast.

Today I had an easy drive to work. That would be because. . .

today I started work at 6:30. AM.

Today I got to wear normal clothes. No more polo shirts. Hallelujah!

Today I am the only teacher at school. I haven't blogged about this, but about two weeks ago the church decided to close the daycare. (I have such a great track record, don't I?) They also opted to keep kindergarten going through the end of the school year, May 25th or so, and keep the same daycare hours for those parents. So it's myself and the director and it's awfully quiet in here today. And because it's now just the two of us, I am opening at 6. AM. It also means I'll leave at 3 instead of 4:30. And yes, this means that I will again be out of a job in the next few months. No, I don't know what I'm going to do. Hope to teach, but I'm keeping my options open because teaching jobs are slim pickins'. I would so like to just be in one place and stay for a really long time. Pray for me, please.

Today I am thankful that Michelle helped me open for my first time. This is a big, huge church and to say I'm not slightly panicking about being in here by myself is an understatement.

Today I ate a doughnut. Didn't need it, but I ate it anyway.

Today I keep thinking it's Friday.

Today I'm making out my grocery list. I need to go shopping in a really bad way. You can only do so much with beans. And that's all it seems like we have left.

Today I am thinking about the beach. Hoping to go on Sunday and take the dog. Seeing how much he doesn't really like car rides, this ought to be fun.

Today I get to be home earlier with the hubster. He took me on a movie date for Valentine's Day. We saw The Vow. Cute movie, based on a true story. He called it a chick flick, but it was a romantic movie, and a good one for Valentine's Day. We also had a heart shaped pizza because it's all about the romance over here in Berglandia. (We did a nice dinner out on Sunday after church because I hate trying to go out to eat with 9 million other couples at the same time.)

Today I will work on my Bible study. Daniel. It's deep.

Today I will try to get some laundry done and return my books to the library and do the dishes and take the dog for a walk and who knows what else.


bmarquez said...

I think your blog just about answered all my questions!

Kellie said...

Today I will pray for you, my Friend. I am so sorry about the job again. God is faithful... and I'll be praying.

Glad you had a wonderful Valentine's Day. I have heard a lot about the movie The Vow so we are doing to have to see that. I just need to find the Netflix movie that I have lost somewhere in this house, first. hahah!! :)