Thursday, February 2, 2012

the prediction of the groundhog

So it looks like Phil (not 505, although he probably did too cause it was sunny here) saw his shadow this morning. You know what that means, 6 more weeks of winter. I say that as my tulips and daffodils are pushing up out of the ground right before my very eyes. Holy smokes. This is the earliest I think I've ever seen this tiny tidbit of spring. And I'm not complaining. I like spring. And I like spring flowers. The showers now, I can do without those, although that's not likely to happen around here.

I planted a few bulbs back in October, but I don't really know what else lies lurking below the dirt. It's kind of fun anticipating what will bloom around here in a few months.

By the way, some of my kids today didn't know what a groundhog was. That's a hard one to explain. I couldn't tell them it's the pesky hole-digging critter that my dad used to run over on purpose with his truck and/or shoot with his rifle out the back door. That would've probably been frowned upon. Mother-Earth Land out here, ya know. They do know who Wilson is, though. In fact, yesterday they were writing a list of things they love in their journals and one of them wrote Wilson. I said, "You haven't even met Wilson! How do you know you love him?" She just smiled real big and I thought to myself, "Wendy, you are talking entirely too much about your dog."

Well, who wouldn't? I mean, come on, people, the cuteness factor alone is over the top - wouldn't you say? And yes, he's discovered that he really likes ice cubes. Every time he hears the freezer door open, he's right there, waiting for his precious frozen treat to fall from the sky. I totally just saved a bunch of money by switching over my doggie treats to ice cubes. And while I know he was in the family room on the carpet, it was his first time. Therefore, the cuteness overruled the wet spot. If only you could have seen him chasing it all around the house you would so understand what I'm talking about.

And my, Wilson, what big paws you have!

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Kellie said...

Love it! Our cat Sampson loves ice cubes, too. He has great eye/paw coordination and can bat at them as they are falling to the floor. He then proceeds to play soccer. I never realized how much I would enjoy leaving ice on a floor before him. lol And, yes, Wilson is STILL so stinkin' cute!!!