Thursday, January 12, 2012

eight things of late

1. I'm having fun but am totally exhausted raising mr. cutey-pants Wilson. So exhausted that I went to bed at 8:00 last night and slept right through the "I'm supposed to get up at 10 and let him outside" event. Oops.

One of my kindergarteners brought him a Christmas present (and I didn't even have him yet) - Wilson tennis balls. He said, "They have his name on them, so they'll always know which ones are his." How cute is that?

Wilson is the sweetest thing - except he had not been previously exposed to bare toes and he likes to bite them. . . the backs of ankles too. He likes those as well. However, he makes up for it because he's a cuddle bug and watching tv with a puppy in my lap has never been so fun. For extra entertainment, Phil505 and I now have a small collection of The Dog Whisperer dvd's from the library. I know, be jealous.

2. Wait. Are you jealous that we have The Dog Whisperer on dvd or that we have the most adorable dog ever?
3. Wilson says "Hi, Grandpa. I can't wait to meet you. When you coming out to see me?"
4. My wedding band broke. I think it got a little too weak where it was soldered to my engagement ring and the whole bottom part of it just fell off. It's still attached to the soldering, and Phil505 assures me the jeweler will be able to fix it. I just feel naked without my rings.
5. I heard on the radio this morning that there was a traffic accident on the other side of the bridge. I went into overdrive and took Wilson out, threw something in my lunch (which happened to be cereal and milk because I really need to get some groceries), grabbed my stuff and left 25 minutes early. The real exciting part of this is that I didn't flat iron my hair or put on makeup. I knew traffic was going to be a nightmare. And it was. Even leaving 25 minutes early, I was still 40 minutes late to work. Oh, I-205, how I love thee.
6. One of my new year's goals was to make the bed everyday. I've never been real good at being a make your bed everyday kind of person - except when I lived at home with Sharon R. Kline and you didn't have a choice in the matter. You'll be interested to know that I made it all of three days. I am a miserable failure.

7. I have the same problem at the RedBox that I do with library books. I'm always late returning them.

8. So I read about a little scrapbookity project called 12 in 12. The gist of it is to take 12 pictures on the 12th day of the 12 months. And it ends on 12-12-12. It seems super cool to me, and I haven't decided whether I'm going to do it or not because I have about 2,970 projects that currently remain unfinished, but I joined a facebook group last night anyway and by lunchtime I had about 39,208 emails from people on this group. Holy cow! I promptly went in and changed the settings for my groups.



bmarquez said...

I love the Dog Whisperer! Ceasar is awesome with all the dogs and we learn important facts about training dogs. Too bad we don't put any of them into practice. . . . still gotta love the show.

Wilson is so cute. I can't wait to meet him. Rudy is excited too.

bmarquez said...

Zach says, "I want to play with Wilson and I need a puppy like Wilson." hint, hint.

Luci Smith said...

Wilson is so so very cute. Isn't it fun having a puppy....most of the time. Trust me when they loose their puppy teeth, their playful bitting don't hurt as much. AND, it is very strange when the loose their not dramatic like kids are.
For almost two years now my husband faithfully makes our bed. He has missed a day or two....but I can over look those days. Not sure why he started doing it. I think he knows that it makes me happy to have a bed made and he usually is the last one out of it.

Kellie said...

Wilson is ADORABLE. Wish I could hold and squeeze his sweet self. Enjoy this time with him because before long he'll be this huge dog trying to sit in your lap and not exactly fit there. It is comical to say the least. :) I miss when Molly was like Wilson is now!