Friday, October 21, 2011

day 3 of 30

Day 3 - Describe the perfect first date.

in 10 easy steps. . .

1. Arrange to pick up your date at the airport. This is after the guy you've been communicating long distance with for 9 months - and can't wait to finally meet - flies in on the red-eye.

2. Park your car and then promptly forget which parking garage it's in,

3. Make your man wait for you at the top of the escalator because you're late, as usual. Then blame it on your uncle because he wanted to make sure you had his number programmed in your cell phone.

4. Lock eyes.

5. Then kiss. Right there in front of everyone.

6. Hold hands all the way out to the car. Then, because you've forgotten where it is, hold hands longer.

7. Have breakfast at Bob Evans.

8. Stare at each other all googly eyed and try to believe that it's finally happening.

9. Go to the conservatory and see the butterfly exhibit.

10. Then sit on a bench in the park and totally forget to take a single picture.

Sounds perfect to me.


bmarquez said...

That is totally MUSH!

Kellie said...

Now THAT is sweet. :)