Wednesday, October 19, 2011

day 1 of 30

Day 1 - A photo of myself and a description of how my day went.

Well, how's a photo of me and the 505 sound? I probably took about 50 pictures of myself and I didn't like a single one. Then he makes me laugh and, wa-la, we have a winner. This man is so funny. You don't even know.

Plus, I wanted you to be able to see how handsome and distinguished he looks in his new specs.

My day went as any normal day should go. I had toast and tea for breakfast. I wore my coral pink polo shirt today. (I have to wear polo shirts every blessed day of the week per the staff dress code. And I hate it. It feels sooooo unprofessional to me. I've always dressed up for school. This just doesn't feel right.) Traffic was good. The kids were ornery. Diet cherry coke helped me get through the afternoon. As for the low part of my day - I usually break three other teachers after my school day is done. As soon as I walk into the one year old class, there is a child who screams bloody murder. Every. Single. Day. He hates my guts and I don't know why. I mean, I'm only in there for 10 stinkin' minutes. It's not like he has to see me all day long. I couldn't even win him over with Goldfish crackers. Traffic on the way home was good. Worship team practice was cancelled. Phil505 grilled some burgers and I went to the library.

And there you have it. Day 1 is done.


bmarquez said...

I'm excited to know there will be something new each evening I check your blog. Happy 1st day!

Kellie said...

Sounds like a normal, teachery first day of this. That is interesting that you have to wear polo shirts every day. Do you have a rainbow of them in your closet now? Hang in there with the one year old.... they have strange things sometimes. lol