Friday, September 30, 2011

i got nothin.

People of blogland, hello. Thank you for coming back to read more of my boring existence.

If you were here with me now, you'd know that not a whole heck of a lot has happened since my last post. (Well, unless you count the fact that, just a mere three weeks into the school year, I got to clean up puke at school the other day AND I finally got to go to a Scentsy party where I ordered some melty stuff. I know, opposite sides of the smell spectrum.) I'm still drowing in boxes and newspaper, and I haven't yet found the plates so we're still eating off paper ones. You'll also find it rather romantic (or not) that Phil505 and I have our recliners pushed right up next to each other. It's total hand holding over here in Berglandia while we watch the X Factor and/or Chef Ramsey shut it down. See, we mistakenly had the computer armoire put in the family room when it should've gone in the scrapbook room. The family room is a little on the small side and the armoire is a lot on the big side. So there's really no other place for the chairs to go right now except right up next to each other. Good times.

Anybody wanna come help us move that beast?

We did get all checked out of the rental on Tuesday. Got our deposit back today. What a relief to be done with that.

Oh, and I'm canning salsa tomorrow with my fabulous friend Barb. She celebrated a birthday this week. Did I mention that she's spectacular?

Funny kindergarten boy story from today:

Mrs. Bergland, I didn't get to go to my Grandma's brother's wedding.
You didn't? How come?
I was at home barfing.

There you have it, folks. Out of the mouths of babes. I'm sure there will be more where that one came from.


Kellie said...

LOL!! That kindergarten story is too funny! Hope you can get the beast out of your family room. Until then, enjoy the hand-holding, tv watching moments with Phil505. Hope you find those plates soon. :)

Luci Smith said...

When I work at CCS I did not mind the puke it was the blood that made me want to pass out. If I was your aide I would have done it for you.....just saying.
Thanks for coming to my party and supporting me. I am doing this with so much love and support....not sure how I would have done it other wise.