Friday, September 23, 2011

don't worry about me. i'm still alive, just buried beneath the boxes

Moving is hard work. We are up to our eyeballs in boxes over here. I've unpacked like 5. One morning it took me like 10 minutes to find my other pair of dress shoes. The rest of the time we're not at work, we've been at the rental. That's what we call it now. The rental. You know how the property managers give you a list of things to clean that's at least a mile long? We're currently at 5,200. Only 80 more feet to go. In real people language, that would be a few more weeds to pull, a lavender and rosemary plant to dig up, and the carpet cleaner guy's coming tomorrow. Tuesday is inspection day and then we turn in our keys and never have to listen to Padden Parkway traffic again! Then I'll be able to work on things here. Things that desperately need our attention. And blog.

This weekend was the Fall Festival of Missions at our church. It's for women in the entire conference. I played the piano for both sessions today since our church was on for worship team this year. Let me just say, there's something pretty darn cool about being on the piano when about 100 women are singing in at least 3 part harmony. Loved that.

More coming later. I promise.

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Kellie said...

Good to hear you have moved and things are hopefully done by now with the rental! :)