Saturday, August 20, 2011

phil505 says it's about time i wrote on my blog

He's funny that way, that husband of mine. Always checking out my blog but never leaving me any love in the comments box. Not that I'm bitter or anything.

Well, it's Saturday. We're having a heat wave. It made it all the way up to 96 today, breaking a record for the hottest day set back in 1986. When it's this hot, I shut the blinds and crank up the A/C. We've had it on maybe 5 or 6 times this summer. Usually we're fine with the blinds closed and the windows open. Today I went out to water the flowers in the front and nearly wilted. Eventually I'll have to water out back, but I'm too chicken. The last time I went out there I got freaked out by a snake. I threw an empty spray paint can at it after I sprayed it with the hose and it went and hid under my planter box. Yes, I took a picture. See his tail?

We've finally had some hummingbird action. This might seem a little crazy, but we were very stressed and frustrated with the whole house thing and one day Phil asked God for a sign. Specifically he said, "Lord, just send us a hummingbird." Well, we got our sign on a Sunday morning and shortly after we saw it, our offer on the house was accepted. Funny how we waited nearly as long for a hummingbird as we did on the Bank of America. And, in case you were wondering, we're supposed to close on Monday!

We have a couple of these moths that just flit around chasing each other out back all day long. They love the lavender.

For the second year in a row, my darling niece Hannah has to start school on her birthday next Wednesday. Can you think of anything worse? Well, I just shipped off the box of birthday goodness yesterday, but not before I whipped up a special birthday necklace. My plan is this: I sent it in an envelope for my sister to sneak into her lunchbox so when she's in the cafeteria with all her cute little girlfriends, she'll have a birthday surprise all the way from Washington. And she'll feel special and loved. I know, you all wish I was your aunt too. It's probably a little on the big side, but I wanted her to be able to show off. I mean, come on, you only turn 9 once. I even used glittery brads for a little extra bling :)

I had a pretty lazy week, quite honestly. I scrapped a little bit (working on my week in the life project) and I've read a lot (The Book Thief, a holocaust story by Marcus Zusak). I also decided to join pinterest. I figured if I was spending all that time looking at stuff I might as well have my own boards. And you know how I always say my best ideas are stolen off the internet, well, that's exactly what pinterest is for - stealing everybody else's ideas! There's lots of good school inspiration on there and I'm finding more craft tutorials than I'll ever have time for. If you wanna get sucked up into the time warp with me see what I've been pinning, check it out here. And let me know if you're pinning so I can follow you!

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Kellie said...

I am so behind on blog reading. Welcome to our world of 96 temps! Glad you don't have to experience them often. Yuck about the snake. Glad you are enjoying your time off. :) Enjoy some more for me. A week and a half of school and I am in stress mode again. :P