Friday, July 8, 2011

silver creek falls

The summer's just a tickin' on by. The corn should be knee high and the school supplies are back out in the stores. I went to JoAnn's a couple of days ago and they already had all the fall stuff out. Pumpkins, leaves, sunflowers, orange & brown. Really?!? Can't we just enjoy the summer, people?

I haven't really shared many pictures on here from the last few weeks. Phil505 was off for almost two weeks, and although we didn't go far away for vacation (no trip to Ohio this year), we did manage to get out and about a couple of times. We went to Silver Creek Falls near Silverton, Oregon, and took a nice long hike.

Side note: I finally taught myself today how to make collages in Picasa. I've been trying to figure that out for a long time and I finally decided I'd just google it. And wa-la! Now I know! It's so easy I can't believe I had such a problem with it in the first place. (Now if I could only get them to enlarge on my blog.) This new little skill is seriously going to help the scrapbooking habit. What did we ever do before Google?

I also got to see Lower South Falls, which was the first time for me.

The cool thing about both of these falls is that you can walk behind the water. It's wet, mossy, slippery, refreshing, and gives you a neat perspective. Here's my B. behind Lower South Falls watching some crazy fools trying to climb on the rocks. When he told them that people have died from falling there, they quickly came back to the path.

So you probably gathered what "LOWER" meant. Lots of steps going down. Lots of zigzag hiking uphill to get back up to the top. Lots of moans and groans and "Holy cow! I think I'm gonna die!" from yours truly. Lots of encouragement from the hubs. Satisfaction to finish the hike and find a nice shady bench.

There are several different falls you can hike to in the park, and this is the only one you can see from a viewpoint along the road without hiking to it. This is North Falls.

Beautiful, don't ya think?


Kellie said...

OH. Girl. Would I love to visit your area? Oh. Yes. Those waterfalls are absolutely beautiful! The fact that you can get behind them is another beautiful thing.

And do not even go there with the school supplies. I have already been violated around here by those things. :P

Dana said...

Silver Falls is one of my favorite places.