Friday, July 22, 2011

my flower garden

We didn't plant very many veggies this year because we thought we'd be moved and utilizing our new raised beds by now. Therefore we only have one cherry tomato plant and one big cucumber plant in a wooden barrel. So far we've eaten a measly two cucumbers and we've seen a couple tiny green tomatoes growing. To make up for the lack of produce, what I did do was plant myself some flowers.

This lavender plant started out as a baby two summers ago in a teeny tiny 4 inch pot. It didn't do much the first summer and last summer we took it out of our planter box and stuck it in the ground. It got bigger. But this summer, holy cow, the thing is monstrous. It resides next to Phil505's mint which is equally monstrous. It's so pretty and smells delightful. It also attracts lots and lots of bees.


I wanted a gerber daisy and ended up getting this coral-y pink one. It's pretty, but I think next time I'd want something a little darker, more fuschia.

I was hoping to have hummingbirds this year. We bought a nice new feeder, and I even specifically looked for flowers that were supposed to attract them. I got these nicotianas in hummingbird rose, but haven't seen one single hummingbird. If you feed them, they will come. Apparently not at our place. We do attract a lot of dragonflies, but I think that's just because there's a little nature preserve across the road behind our house.
Of course, my absolute favorite are my hydrangeas. This plant was an end of the year gift to me from one of my students last year. We put it in a big pot so we could move it eventually. When I got it it had baby blue flowers. Then we replanted it and the flowers turned dark pink. This year they're purple-y blue with some pink for fun. So pretty. Makes me want to get married all over again!
PS: I finally did a little research and discovered that blogger had an updated version. So I am now pretty sure that you will be able to click on the pictures I post and they will enlarge for you. Keeping my fingers crossed this time because I thought I'd already had this figured out before.


Kellie said...

Beautiful flowers... and YES... I can now click on the pictures to enlarge them. YEEHAW! :) Love the hydrangea!

bmarquez said...

Nice camera work!