Wednesday, July 27, 2011

i decided to do it

In my last post I talked about the Week in the Life project that everybody and their brother who scrapbooks is doing right now. I mentioned how cool it would be to have one from your Grandma in like 1940 or something. I was kind of debating whether I should or not since I have a boatload of other stuff not even close to being finished, like a wedding album, Phil & Wendy Volume 3 - in which I'm only halfway through 2008, and a December Daily from 2009 and 2010. Then I read my comments. . .

bmarquez said, and I quote, "The week in the life project sounds cool, especially when you put in the grandma/1940 bit. Do it!" And with that, my decision was made! Peer pressure in its purest form.

I'm going to make this as cheap as possible. So I'm going to use an 8X8 album, the pack of kraft paper sitting on my shelf, some random paper collection I had to have, and whip up a few 7.5X7.5 collage prints. Probably one collage per day. Unlike some of the more gung-ho participants, I'm not taking 150 pictures a day.

I won't bore you with every single picture I've taken, but here are a few from Monday and a few more from Tuesday just to give you a little taste.


rise and shine. and give God the glory, glory.

my summer devotional. super good. not sure why there's a green stripe at the bottom.

organizational tasks for the day: clean off the counter and the foot high pile of junk mail and undo the mess in the computer armoire. almost got the counter done, and the armoire is finished! and who in their right mind needs three phone books?

it was a beautiful night so we went for a walk. the sky was filled with puffy clouds.

watching tv - hell's kitchen and master chef. we get such a kick out of those shows.


dishes done. kitchen's clean. (yes, gasp, sometimes I leave my dishes until the morning.)

off to the school to pack up the last of my things. i've never gone so long into the summer with stuff still in my classroom, but with vacation and only having one vehicle for two weeks, this was the first chance I had to get it done.

here's the columbia river as i head into oregon. very cloudy. can't even see the mountain. although it would be in the opposite direction as this picture anyway.

today's headlines: yeah for phil505! the nfl is back!!! i am so relieved. now we can all sleep at night while oregon gets to pick a new congressman. (i hope you read that nfl part with a slight touch of sarcasm.)

calling yet again for an update on his jeep. it's been in the shop for almost 4 weeks. (ya, don't get me started about that.) fortunately, everything is covered under the extended warranty!

we've been enjoying dinner on the patio this week. this is our $5 yard sale table that we used about $20 worth of spray paint on. it used to be white and rusty. now it's textured charcoal gray.

my flowers have almost filled in the whole planter box.

Tune in next time for more of the week in my life! I know you can hardly wait.

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Kellie said...

That is cool that you are doing this. :) (I also leave dishes in the sink until morning at times..... you are not alone! lol)