Tuesday, March 22, 2011

spring break 'to do' list

Considering I have a fantastic head cold (compliments of a sick student who coughed in my face last Wednesday) and could barely get off the couch on Saturday, I'm proud to say that I've crossed four big projects off my to do list in the last two days! Can you tell that I get great satisfaction out of crossing things off lists?

Numero Uno: the worship team binder o' music. Folks, it was bad. I had a rinky-dink one inch binder and the music was just shoved in there, not even held in by the binder rings. It was a huge mess, some songs I had quadruple copies of, and it would take me a good half hour every time I needed to get music ready for practice. Plus, I dropped it once, and paper went everywhere. Fortunately it was in the sanctuary and not outside, but still, not good. I've been wanting to get it in some semblence of order for quite some time, so I did last night. It's not totally alphabetized (yet), but at least all the songs that start with A are now together. I used my file folder tab punch and made cute little dividers - which still need letters. I just stapled them onto black cardstock. I can't even tell you how happy this makes me to finally have this done! Hello, three inch binder!

Numero Dos: the wedding album (from June - yes I know, it was nine months ago) is done! I will wait until tomorrow to take pictures to share it with you, but I think it's fabulous!

Numero Tres: the organization of my patterned paper scraps by color. I had so many small pieces mixed in with brand new or barely cut sheets that I could hardly ever find what I wanted. So I took the advice of someone on the two peas message board and am putting them in gallon sized ziploc bags by color. I've found that I have hardly any yellow stuff and a ton of pink. My husband will find it helpful to know that it's sort of like a shopping list. I can only buy yellow stuff now, saving him a ton of money! ha

Numero Quatro: I cleaned and vacuumed the car out today. I figured I'd better use the afternoon of sunshine to my advantage. No picture of that necessary.
So, tell me, what have you crossed off your list lately?

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Kellie said...

I can't say that stinkin' fourth grade project is crossed off my list yet. BUT... Achievement testing is basically crossed off my list. The only thing left is finishing up a child that was out one day. Other than that.... my crossing off on some things will have to wait till I am out for the summer. ha!!