Wednesday, March 9, 2011

around here. . .

Around here dinner actually turned out tonight: trusty ol' chicken tortellini soup.

Around here the cotton pickin' rain is back. Thus, the soup.

Around here I'm looking forward to spring break. That would be T-minus 7 school days and counting.

Around here it appears I've forgotten to turn in some library books. Again.

Around here I'm a little irritated that Parenthood was a rerun last night. Raise your hand if you watch that show.

Around here some new pics of my sister's family arrived today. She sent me five new 5X7's for my Jenny Kline Shrine. I was like, "Seriously? Five???" And she was all telling me how I need to buy new frames. What.Ever. (Actually, the pictures are super cute. Thanks, Jen-nay.)

Around here we're hosting a little traveling gingerbread man from one of my cousin's kids back in O-HI-O. I've got the kiddos all crazily writing about what they love about living in Oregon. He's going to be so happy he sent it to cousin Wendy's class because we are so hooking him up.

Around here the Mr. 505 has been working hard and getting in some extra shifts. I'm thankful that he has a good job to therefore bring home the bacon.

Around here we're still waiting to hear whether our offer on the house has been accepted or not. The BPO is done and now we twiddle our thumbs and wait on the Bank of America.

Around here the Bank of America people should just go ahead and approve our offer. They already know who I am. They send me a stinkin' credit card application at least once a week.

Around here the never ending pile of papers to grade is calling my name.

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Kellie said...

Around here we've been working like crazy on this NC Project. I need a break while on spring break! haha! :) I really hope and pray the house "stuff" gets taken care of soon for y'all.