Saturday, January 22, 2011

the latest and greatest

Holy smokes! There's been a lot of raining going on out here. Rivers have rerouted themselves right over roads stranding people in their mountain homes. Mudslides have blocked roads to the beach. Portland had to switch drinking water sources because the water was too muddy. I learned about flood and mudslide insurance the other night on the tv. And apparently, if you want to live in a flood plain for that extra beautiful river view, you'd better pay the extra money. You'd be stupid not to. Believe it or not, there are always stupid people. HELLO! You live in the northwest. It's going to rain a lot. Get the dang insurance.

As it turns out, my very favorite Christmas present is my blue tooth. I've missed talking to my mom on my way to school. Now, thanks to Phil505, I can talk hands-free any old day I want. There for a while I was turning my phone on speaker and tucking it in my scarf to chat. Not the best of ideas as I had to kink my neck all weird to keep it in place.

Yesterday was National Hug Day. Did you hug someone? I did. He's cute. And I think I'll keep him around for a while. Because he bought me a blue tooth for Christmas :)

If you're an elementary teacher and you want a cool writing assignment, have your kids finish this prompt: If I lived in a snowglobe I would. . . We did this last week. We first looked at a couple of real snow globes and listened to the music and then they made paper snowglobes complete with lots of shiny white glitter. Talk about cute! I didn't take any pictures, but you can see some examples here. I had kids drinking Coca~Cola with the polar bears and kids living in igloos with the penguins and kids doing snowboarding tricks off the ramp backwards and upside down. They loved it.

I went to Quiznos yesterday for a quick lunch. Because yesterday was early release day and I could. I was reminded yet again how I always like to order the same thing at restaurants. I got my usual honey bacon club on artisan whole wheat. Last night Phil505 took me on a date to Red Robin where I ordered my usual there too: Whiskey River BBQ chicken wrap. Burger King it's always the original chicken sandwhich, no lettuce (because their lettuce always has a slimy texture to it). Chinese: sesame chicken. Mexican: chicken chimichanga. McDonalds: only for breakfast, sausage biscuit. I don't do well with change. Can you tell?

Something else weird I noticed yesterday while dining out. People are too connected to their smart phones. It was kind of creeping me out how everyone was all into their phone instead of talking to the people they were with.

And now I'd better get off here and get some stuff done like clean the bathroom because 505 is taking me house shopping this afternoon. Yes, house shopping as in we are looking at buying our first home. My only requests are:

  • no pink fixtures in the bathroom (because the first place we lived in had peptol bismol pink fixtures and I hated it)
  • please have space for all my scrapbooking crap (because I have a lot of it)
  • laundry facilities separate from the mudroom (because it seems like an oxymoron to do laundry in a mudroom)
  • lots of natural light (because I go crazy without it)
  • a man cave (because he needs one)


Kellie said...

Good luck with finding a house!! :) I have never heard of PINK fixtures... oy.

I am the same way at restaurants... I always seem to get the same thing. I don't do well with change, either, but the Lord has also helped me with that.

Glad you got that bluetooth!

Dawn said...

Good luck house hunting! For the record, I am reading your blog on my smartphone, but no one else is around. So, I am not ignoring anyone :)