Saturday, January 15, 2011

it was just that sort of week

I thought we had an early release on Friday. Yep, the end of the quarter and early release was this week. So I wrote it on my homework sheet and made my lesson plans accordingly. I crammed in as many reading and math grades as I could because the months of November (when we hardly had school) and December (when we spent so much time practicing for the program) left very little time for that sort of thing

Problem was, I found out Thursday morning that I was all wrong. The end of the quarter and early release is next Friday.


I thought we had school at our normal time on Wednesday. But we were supposed to get snow and freezing rain Tuesday night. The weatherman said that by 4 am the temps would warm up and by rush hour everything would be fine. Just to make sure, I got up at 5:30 and checked online at the local news website for closures and delay. Nothing. Took a shower and checked again a half hour later. Nothing. I also checked my school email. Again, nothing. So I proceeded on business as usual.

Problem was, I got to school on time only to find out there was a two hour delay. It had been decided rather late and I didn't find out til I got there.


So I thought after all that I deserved a white chocolate mocha yesterday morning. To smooth things over and put the week behind me, so to speak. I order at the drive-thru and pull up and the Starbucks lady starts handing me a breakfast sandwich and tells me that will be $9.52 please. I was like, "Ummm. . . that's not what I ordered." And she says, "Are you kidding me?" And I'm thinking to myself "No, lady, I'm not kidding you, but I'm not surprised because that's how my week's gone" but say nicely instead, "Nope. All I want is a white chocolate mocha." She she yells at the other girl for a grande white mocha on the rail, whatever that means.

And my day went on. And no parents got mad at me for my stupid mistake. And we're starting a phone chain. And all is well.

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Kellie said...

LOL.... I think we all can relate. I have a parent who likes to point out my mistakes on our "class notes" we have online. At least your parents were nice to you. lol