Tuesday, January 11, 2011

the ducks lost. sadness.

The homeboys had fancy-schmancy 'sexy' new uniforms, but not enough plays in the play book. I mean, did you see those (as my friend Natalie says) highlighter yellow socks and skull caps? Wow. I personally liked the black undershirts with the neon numbers on the sleeves. But even having Phil Knight, founder of Nike, on your side, doesn't necessarily guarantee a win.

It was a good game, and my friend Barbara made a great duck call during one of the big plays. (You know, the one where they ran up the middle. Oh wait! They were ALL runs up the middle!) That loud warbly sound she produced made it all worth while. That, and the fact that I almost finished wrapping this yarn wreath I'm making which is going to be so cool I can hardly even stand it. More details on that later. And no, in case you're wondering, I'm not using Duck colors.

Even though they didn't win, Phil505 is still happy because his alma mater, Eastern Washington University, won the national championship in their division (or whatever, I actually have no idea what I'm even talking about right now, and he's sure to correct me if I've given you misinformation, but go EWU Eagles!). And he has a new collection of University of Oregon shirts. Five since they went 12-0. Time to clean out the t-shirt drawer.

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